10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kaitlyn Bristowe

kaitlyn bristowe

Kaitlyn Bristow is a name you might recognize from recent reality television. She was a contestant looking for love on Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor, and she is one of two women chosen to vie for the role of the Bachelorette in the upcoming season of the hit reality television show. She’s one of two women who were not chosen by the man looking for love that were chosen to find love on their own, but in an even more unconventional manner than this particular reality show is used to. Instead of just being the woman who gets to choose from 25 men to become her future husband, she’s going to be with another woman, and the men are going to get the opportunity to vote on which woman whose affections they’d like to compete for as the season wears on. She may or may not be voted off the show on the first night, which would probably be a bit worse than being ‘voted’ off the show by just one man. So before she either becomes a household name looking for love or the woman who was sent home from finding love a second time, we should get to know a bit about Kaitlyn Bristowe. Here are a few fun facts you may or may not already know.

She’s a Dancer

Many of you might have noticed she has some serious dance moves when she was on Chris Soules’ season, but you might not know that she’s actually a dance instructor and that she is really quite good at what she does. It was her dance skills that enabled her to leave her small town and move to a bigger city to pursue her career.

She’s Self-Deprecating

She loves to make fun…of herself. There are some people who say she is too much when it comes to making fun of others, but she insists that her joke-cracking is far from malicious and that she is just someone who likes to tease. It’s in her nature. She likes to joke about herself more than others, but she’s also someone who likes to tease people she feels comfortable with, and that’s always a welcome trait.

Anna Kendrick Loves Her

You know Anna Kendrick from movies such as “Twilight” and “Pitch Perfect” and she’s also a huge fan of Bristowe’s. When the women were telling all to the Chris’ (Harrison and Soules) and America, Kendrick tweeted that she thought Bristowe could do better and that she’d get it if her boyfriend left her for Bristowe. Bristowe responded by asking Kendrick to leave her boyfriend for her, and the two just continued their love fest after that.

She Doesn’t like her Laugh

Of all the things she did and said on reality television, the one thing she would change would be her laugh. She does not care for the way it sounds and she feels it makes her sound ridiculous, a bit like a donkey. She’d change that if she could, and she’s the one who used the “F” word with Soules the first time she met him.

She’s Tatted Up

It’s not common to see many women on this particular show with a lot of body art, but Kaitlyn has five tattoos. It’s not a ton, but it’s more than most of the bachelorettes we’ve seen in the past who are a bit more conservative. We don’t know where all her tattoos are, but we bet we will learn more about them if she is chosen by the men to compete on the show later this month.

She can Spin

Well, since leaving the show and getting back to her real life, she’s gotten her spin instructor certificate. She loves health and good mojo, and that means exercise is very important to her. For that reason, she loves the concept of being able to get out and exercise with her friends, family and the people she teaches. Since leaving television after not being chosen, she’s been working on her real life and the things she wants to do to care for herself in the future.

She’s Approachable

She’s not afraid of talking to people she does not know, and that’s because she’s an outgoing personality. She loves to be with people, make new friends and try to find love where she feels it might exist. And that’s why she might make it on her own season of this crazy reality show. If she were to meet a guy she liked, she would have no trouble walking right up to him and finding out if he’s in the same place right then and there.

She’s Got a Good Head

When asked what she would do if she had a million dollars, her first response is that she’d pay her parents back for the all the money they spent on her dance lessons. That’s a pretty good daughter there. Most people would go somewhere fun or do something expensive. That’s a nice thought, and it’s something that has a bit of meaning behind it rather than just being a thoughtless gift.

She Believes in Real Women

She’s an advocate for leaving photoshop behind and making sure that real women know what other real women look like. Though she’s going to be the subject of a lot of photoshop as promos for her season become more and more intense. She’s taken part in an online petition to get girls and women to sign a challenge that states they will stop using photoshop and other things like that so that they can just be real.

Women Love Her

We don’t know what will happen when 25 men get the chance to choose between her and Britt on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette, but we do know that women everywhere are rooting for this Canadian dancer to win the competition and find true love. She’s so approachable and so relatable to other women, but we are just not sure yet how the men feel about her.

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