15 Celebrities Who Have Written Children’s Books

Literacy is one of the most important educational tools imaginable. Without the ability to read, a child is hindered throughout life. With the availability of so many books and entertainment options for children, it’s impossible to consider the idea that so many kids can’t read. Even celebrities write children’s books. Some do so because they have kids of their own and are inspired, others do it for the sheer fun. Read on to find out which of your favorite celebs have written and published books for the littlest readers. They’re perfect to start your kids with before they can read on their own.

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Terrell Owens

Yes, you read that correctly. The ex NFL star who is widely known for his often inappropriate behavior and not very child-friendly antics is the author of a children’s book. It might not seem like he’d make an amazing author, but it seems he’s got some skill behind the computer and not just on the football field. The book, “Little T Learns to Share,” is very simply written, to the point and very sweet. It’s a great book for kids that are going through the unfortunate phase of not wanting to share things with their siblings and friends. It’s fun and makes a cute bedtime story lesson.

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Julianne Moore

“Freckleface and the Dodgeball Bully,” is a cute story for kids. Written by Julianne Moore, the story is about a little girl with freckles named Freckleface Strawberry. She’s the character who goes through the same life issues as other little girls. For one, she has freckles and she hates them. Secondly, she’s got to deal with this kid in her PE class that’s a total bully and makes other kids nervous, scared and afraid when they play games like dodgeball in class. It’s a cute story that really mimics real life.

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Tori Spelling

“Presenting…Tallulah,” is the story of a little girl whose parents have too many rules. She isn’t in love with the fact that her mommy and daddy make her follow the rules. She doesn’t like it, but she’s mostly a good girl. The story follows her young life as she tries to discover who she really is, what she likes and what she wants to be like as a girl. She’s got to navigate this discovery and find out how to do this without actually breaking the rules her parents have set for her. It’s a very sweet story for little girls.

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Jerry Seinfeld

It’s only natural that someone as hilarious as Jerry Seinfeld would decide that his humor is wasted on adults and deserves a little recognition from children. He penned the book, “Halloween,” as a way of discussing the importance of trick or treating. It’s a book about the perils of trying to get the most candy on the most sugar-laden holiday of the year, trying to figure out how to fill that bag, sort it and helping kids understand how to keep their winter jackets from covering their costume. It’s a funny take on a great holiday just for kids. They’ll really enjoy this story.

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LeAnn Rimes

“Jag” is the story of a little jaguar who is afraid of water. The story was actually one that Rimes did not create on her own. She gets to take credit for it, but the storyline and the plot were actually created by the man she was once married to. She divorced him after being caught cheating with her current husband, and so they are forever stuck together as co-authors and business associates because of it. This book was such a hit with the kids, though, that there is a sequel to it that the duo created together.

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Jamie Lee Curtis

The book, “When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old’s Memoir of Her Youth,” is a sweet and funny book for kids. It’s the first book that Jamie Lee Curtis ever wrote for children, and it’s adorable. She’s gone on to write several more children’s books, each one more adorable and more perfect than the last. This particular book is one that follows the stories of a four-year-old girl as she recounts the biggest moments in her life, such as the time she finally graduated from needing arm-floaties in the swimming pool because she became a big girl and a good swimmer.

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Jay Leno

“If Roast Beef Could Fly,” is a cute book about the importance of getting along well with family. Jay Leno writes the book with a character that is kind of a young version of himself, and he incorporates a few cute lessons in to the book. He tells kids that it’s important to get along with family and uses a roast beef situation that ended up differently than expected to carry the story line. Kids that don’t read just yet will love the CD that comes with the book, narrated in Leno’s distinctive voice. It’s a great book for younger kids and older kids.

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Steve Martin

Back in 2007 the comedian decided to write a book about the alphabet for children. In fact, he aptly named the book, “The Alphabet,” and it’s a great book for kids just learning their ABCs. The book goes through every letter of the alphabet, introducing fun characters that provide a lot of alliteration so that kids can grasp the concept of each letter and its sounds, meanings and place in order. Kids love Ollie the Owl and Clingy Clarissa, just to name a few. It’s a cute, educational book made just for kids of a certain age.

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Paul McCartney

If ever you’ve heard of Wirral the Squirrel, you’ve probably read the book, “High in the Clouds,” by Beatles bassist Paul McCartney. In the story, Wirral goes on a journey to locate Animalia, a tropical paradise for animals. Instead, Wirral ends up going the wrong direction and ends up in a different location in which animals are treated badly and made to slave in factories. There’s a happy ending, however, so it’s a sweet story for kids with a wild imagination and a penchant for adventure and fairytale endings.

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Will Smith

He’s a singer and actor famous for so many things. There’s nothing that Will Smith hasn’t done. He started as a rapper, became The Fresh Price of Bel Air, saved the world in Independence Day, saved the world from aliens in Men in Black and has turned the lyrics of his hit song, “Just the Two of Us,” into a book for children. Kadir Nelson provided the illustrations for this children’s book, and Smith provided the words. This all happened back in 2001, and the book is still a great seller for families.

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“The English Roses” is a book about mean girls and cliques. It’s a book about teaching lessons and being accepting and welcoming of others, even if you think they’re not like you or not worthy of being your friend. The book is very mean girls-like in that there are four girls who have their own little clique from which they exclude another girl. The other girl is very sad and feels so excluded until a fairy godmother comes along and teaches the mean girls a lesson about friendship, compassion and kindness. It’s a great book for girls who are beginning to exhibit this particular behavior.

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John Travolta

He’s not just an actor with great dance moves, famous for his role as Danny in the hit movie “Grease.” He’s also a famous scientologist and a famous pilot. He’s known for being one of the more generous actors in the country, and he’s a children’s book author. Back in 1997 Travolta published a book by the name of “Propeller One-Way Night Coach,” a book that was originally meant for his son. However, the book was something he was quite proud of and decided to have it published. It’s about a boy whose life changes after he takes his very first flight.

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Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg does not just star in movies and host The View. She’s also a children’s book author. She’s written several different children’s books, but she’s most famous for her series, “Sugar Plum Ballerinas,” about a girl who moves to Harlem. The book follows the life of a young girl whose parents make the move from small town Georgia to NYC and stick her in ballet class, where she is suddenly given the lead role in the ballet. It’s a cute series that currently consists of five books perfect for girls in elementary school.

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Barack Obama

He wrote, “Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters,” in 2008. The wrote the children’s story after he won the presidential election but before he was scheduled to move into the white house. The story is about 13 heroes in America that everyone is familiar with, including Hellen Keller and Albert Einstein. The book was published in 2010 and has given the President of the United States a little something extra to add to his resume now that he’s in office. He’s now serving his second term, something he’d only hoped to do when he published his book.

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Katie Couric

Katie Couric is famous for her role as news anchor. She’s also a children’s book author with more than one book to her name. “The Brand New Kid,” is her first ever children’s book and it’s one that she worked hard on. The storyline follows a little boy who enters a brand new school and finds out quickly that the other kids want to leave him out of everything because he’s different. He has really blonde hair and he’s kind of loud and outgoing, and the other kids find him different, leaving him ostracized and left out of their friendships and activities.

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