Dancing with the Stars Crowns Its Winner

"Dancing With The Stars" Season 17 Winners Visit "Good Morning America"

Yesterday I told you who I thought should win the Dancing With the Stars finale. I was all about Jack Osbourne taking the title just based on how far he has come. Well, today I can admit that I was wrong. Not only did he not win, but he came in third. While this is a travesty to me, we still want to offer congrats to Jack and second place winner, chicken cordon bleu. Oh, I mean Corbin Bleu. Ooops. But of course we want to offer the biggest congrats to the winner…..

Amber Riley.

Not only did she win, but was the first African-American female to take the coveted prize. So not only did she blow the minds of those who were watching her perform, she broke down barriers as well. We are suckers for a feel good story, so truth be told, I am glad Amber won Dancing With the Stars. Sometimes, cultural victories are more important than personal ones.

Also, Bill Nye was back on last night’s episode. Seriously, you should all know how I feel about Bill Nye, so that alone was enough to feed my soul. Man, that science guy can DANCE (even though they mostly used a double). More about the episode over at USA TODAY.

(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

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