1980s Johnny Cash Songs Getting Released

Country Music Legend Johnny Cash Dies

If you are a Johnny Cash fan, you may want to sit down for this. Seems their was an album of Johnny Cash songs that he recorded in the 80’s that never ended up being released. But great news, as Out Among the Stars is finally getting a release date. In other words, we will all be hearing new Johnny Cash songs, even though he has passed on and many of us feared we never would again.

Fox News has the story, but we have the details. The gist of it is that Out Among the Stars we recorded in the early 80’s when country music was not doing well, and Columbia shelved the albums fearing poor sales. June Carter stashed the songs away as she did with all Johnny Cash songs, and now, years later, as the world is clamoring for new Cash music, it seems the album is being remastered and ready for release.

Few can argue that Johnny Cash was the man. He really was. Cool. Collected. With a bit of a dark streak. But the man could tell stories like no other singer. Just the fact that we are getting new Johnny Cash songs, and ultimately, stories, makes my soul smile.

Look for Out Among the Stars in March of 2014.

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

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