20 Celebrities Who Claim to Have Seen UFOs

Have you ever wondered if we’re alone in the universe? This is a question that has been asked for centuries. Throughout the ages, there have been multiple UFO sightings and some believe that people from ancient cultures actually interacted with alien life forms. Agencies for investigating UFO sightings and support organizations for people claiming abduction are commonplace. More people believe in the possibility that there are other life forms in the galaxy than don’t. Reports of seeing strange lights in the sky, crop circles and abduction reports point to the probability that there is something going on. Here is a list of 20 celebrities who claim to have seen UFOs personally. Most of them confirm that they believe that there is intelligent life outside of planet Earth.

Russell Crowe

Crowe is one of the most prolific Oscar winning actors in the world. He shared that his UFO experience took place outside his office in Sydney, Australia. He had set up a camera in hopes of capturing footage of fruit bats as they explored the Botanic Gardens. Crowe would have been excited enough just to see videos of the bats doing their thing, but instead he got a big surprise when he reviewed the footage. Instead of fruit bats, the video revealed a strange glowing object in the sky that resembled a glowing yacht. Since Crowe wasn’t thinking about the possibility of capturing UFO footage when he set the camera up, his story is authentic and the proof exists for all to see in the video that definitely shows a UFO in the background.

Fran Drescher

Fran is an actress and comedienne who is known for her starring role in the 1990s sitcom, “The Nanny.” Drescher has a history of reporting alien abduction. This started when she was just a young girl in junior high school. In an odd twist, her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson had similar experiences and after the couple came together, they traded information and were astonished at the similarity. Dresher revealed her experiences to the Huffington Post in 2012 and reports being abducted by aliens and actually seeing them. She and her ex husband Jacobs each have a similar scar and they are in the same spots on their bodies. The scars look like burns you would get if a hot cup were placed on your skin. She believes that aliens program humans and thinks it may be done through insertion of a chip because both she and Peter had identical childhood memories that are way too bizarre to be explained.

Nick Jonas

Celebrity Nick Jonas, formerly of the Jonas Brothers shared that when he was a teenager, he spotted a UFO. The event happened in Los Angeles and he saw the objects from his back yard. He described them as three flying saucers. He was accompanied by a friend who saw the same thing so it was confirmed that he wasn’t the only one seeing the three UFOs. This happened in 2015. Not satisfied and curious, Jonas went online and confirmed that just two weeks prior, three other people reported seeing the same thing.

Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner

Kloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner both saw a UFO at the same time in March of 2013. The girls were quick to get on social media and tweet about it. They were freaking out over what they saw, but the intrigue intensified when Twitter lit up with confirmations that more than a thousand people joined in to talk about the UFOs. The sighting happened before noon, during morning hours and created a bit of a sensation.


Pop star Kesha has her own UFO experience to talk about. She confirmed that when the incident occurred, she was straight faced sober. It happened when she was in the desert. She looked up into the sky and saw a grouping of spaceships. She wasn’t sure how many and estimated that there was between five to seven of the objects in the sky. As she watched the objects, trying to figure out what they were, they moved out of her line of vision, but she reports that a little later, they returned and came back in a different formations. Kesha is so convinced that she had seen spaceships that were no doubt carrying some type of alien life forms. She has incorporated her experience into the music that she writes with a song track that is titled “Spaceship.” Kesha isn’t kidding around about her UFO sighting, she is dead serious. The pop start shared this information with the world in an interview on the Zach Sang Show in July. It was a life changing event for the singer and it’s one that she won’t forget.

Tom DeLonge

Tom DeLonge is the ex-guitarist for the band Blink 182. He has a strong interest in UFO research because of a personal experience that he had himself. Back in 2015, Tom was on a camping trip near the Area 51 site. The Poway, California native was inside his tent when he began to have strange sensations. He felt as though his body had just received a big charge of static electricity. His eyes had previously been closed and when he opened them, he could see that the fire he’d built was still going, but he heard a group of people outside. He claimed that it sounded like a group of 20 people and they were at his campsite. He couldn’t understand what they were saying, but it was obvious to him that they were “working on something.” Tom is an avid supporter of UFO research and works in this field himself. He received the UFO Researcher of the Year award by Open Minds Production in 2017. Tom has even set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the organization To The Stars Academy Of Arts & Sciences. It is his sincere hope to launch a spaceship from Earth to attempt contact with extraterrestrial life.

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams is a well-known singer, songwriter who had his own UFO experience. The native of Jacksonville, North Carolina shared that he was driving down the road in Glendale, California when he spotted a large object in the sky. He is strongly against texting or talking on the phone while driving, so he didn’t have a phone camera to snap a picture or take a video. As the object flew over his head, he claimed that it was being chased by helicopters. This proves that somebody else was aware of its presence and they also wanted to know more about the strange object. There’s a lot that the government isn’t telling us. Ryan’s UFO experience happened in 2013.

Lemmy Kilmister

Lemmy Kilmister is a popular rocker from the UK who lead sings for Motorhead. He was born in Burslem, UK and the 72 year old musician shared his visit from extraterrestrials. The event happened when he was at Rock in Rio in 2011. In his account of the incident, Lemmy spied a ship that was cruising over the top of a mountain. He said that the craft was moving at an unbelievable speed, which he surmised to be around a thousand miles per hour, and then the object came to a dead stop. Kilmister didn’t seem too excited as he retold the event. He did confirm that he believes there are aliens out there and that he doesn’t have a problem with that.

Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves is a country singer who was born in Minneola, Texas and currently works in Nashville, Tennessee. She had her own experience with extraterrestrial sightings. She was helping a friend prepare for her wedding ceremony which was being held in Mexico. She wasn’t alone as there were several other people around, helping to get ready for the wedding. The group was on the beach after the wedding and they saw an object in the sky making erratic and “crazy” movements. She confirmed that she hadn’t had anything to drink and was totally sober. They watched the object with fascination for about twenty minutes. They claimed that thee object even changed its shape as it flew across the sky. This was her first UFO experience, but not the only one. She reported having UFO sightings after this event in Nashville, and then again in Los Angeles. This made a believer out of Kacey who isn’t shy about sharing her experiences because there are plenty of other people who will back up her claims because they were there with her.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley, known as the king of rock and roll had his own encounters with extraterrestrials. In fact, he claimed to have had many. According to accounts shared by the king, his first encounter was a visit on the day he was born in 1935. Elvis’ hairstylist Larry Geller was told the story of how Elvis’ father walked outside to have a cigarette during the wee hours of the morning as his wife was giving birth to Elvis. At around two o clock in the morning, he looked into the sky and saw an odd blue light. This wouldn’t be Elvis’ only encounter with UFOs. Geller reported that he and Elvis were driving through the desert one night. Neither had any alcohol or drugs in their systems whatsoever. They were completely sober. The pair saw some strange lights in the sky. Geller reported that they were moving far too fast to be airplanes and so they assumed that they were UFOs. Could it be possible that extraterrestrials followed Elvis from the day of his birth until the time of his death in 1977?

Sammy Hagar

Seventy year old Sammy Hagar, frontman for the famous rock group Van Halen is the only member of the group who reported that he’s had some close encounters of the extraterrestrial kind. He published an autobiography in 2011, titled “Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock.” In the book, he shared that he had an alien encounter that happened in the 1970s. He believes that the aliens found a way to “plug” into him and download information into his consciousness with a type of programming. It happened before wireless technology in thee form of smart phones was introduced to the world. During his encounter, Hagar also saw a car that didn’t have any wheels. Sammy joins the growing list of celebrity musicians who claim to have had a personal encounter with life from another planet.

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco is a popular rapper who claims that he saw a UFO. He alleges that it happened in the early 1990s when he was just an 11 year old child living in Chicago, Illinois. He awoke in the morning to find himself bathed in a blue light. He reports that it felt as though his body was being shocked by some type of electricity. He remembers that it was about 7 in the morning. He looked outside his window and saw a black disc flying in the sky. While some might challenge his story, the whole experience couldn’t have been merely a dream as it left a scar on his ankle. There is no way that you’re going to convince the 36 year old rapper that this event was a dream because he has the scar to prove it.

Robbie Williams

Forty-four year old British pop star Robbie Williams joins the ranks of respected celebrities who report that they’ve had encounters with UFOs. In fact, Williams claims that he’s had several of them. According to Robbie, the events took place when he was a child. He shared that one night he was listening to the song that he’d written titled “Arizona.” It’s a song about aliens. Williams claimed that a “nosy ball of light” paid him a visit. He said that he was standing on a balcony when a large ball of gold light made its appearance. At first he thought that it was a planet, perhaps Mars or Venus in the sky, but as soon as the song ended, the light disappeared. He put the song on again, and the ball of light reappeared. He repeated this four times with the same results. Unfortunately, Robbie has no tangible proof in the form of video or pictures to substantiate his claim, so it remains just that in the minds of people who know him.

Shaun Ryder

Happy Mondays artist Shaun Ryder claims that he had a UFO encounter when he was a teenager. He was working at his messenger job in the late 1970s when the then 15 year old claims that a UFO craft buzzed over the top of his head. He believed that it was moving at a rate of around ten thousand miles per hour like something that you’d see in a Star Trek movie. It buzzed him twice, made a zig zag maneuver, hovered over the top of him and then sped off at a mind boggling rate of speed. Now age 55, Ryder’s UFO experience made him curious about what it was. He has been an avid researcher into the things that exist in the realm of the unknown.

Isaac Brock

Isaac Brock of the band Modest Mouse is one of the last people that you’d expect to find on a UFO sighter’s list, but he’s definitely here. Brock claims that he had a UFO encounter in 1997. The forty two year old was flying over the state of Arizona in an airplane and encountered the Phoenix Lights first hand. He didn’t tell anyone about the incident for several years. He felt that it could damage his credibility and affect his professional life. This was probably wise, but he eventually revealed to a reporter that he’d seen a UFO in light of the fact that so many well-respected and credible people are sharing their stories.

Gin Blossoms

The group of alt rockers that make up the popular 90s band Gin Blossoms are known for their big hit “Follow You Down.” Guitarist from the group Jesse Valenzuela had the courage to step forward and share an experience that the entire band had with a UFO. It was while they were recording their big hit. The guys took a break and Jesse went out to have a cigarette. While he was outside he looked up at thee sky. There he saw a few flashing lights. He called the other members of the group to come out and take a look. They watched the strange lights in the sky for about 20 minutes and agreed that they had just experienced a UFO sighting together.

Ace Frehley

Ace Frehley adopted the persona of a spaceman while he was playing in the band Kiss. Nobody really thought about why he would do this because the group was known for its crazy personas onstage, but the sixty-six year old had his reasons. He lives in upstate New York and claims that he’s seen multiple UFOs from his home. The area that he lives in is wooded and it’s more secluded than living in the heart of the city. He joins thousands of New Yorkers who claim to see UFOs on a regular basic. Frehley also added that the objects that have flown over him move in ways that no known man made craft possibly could. As for Ace, he’s a believer.

Basement Jaxx

The Felix Burton member Basement Jaxx shared his extraterrestrial story with New! magazine. He claims that the incident happened in 2014. He was busy recording some songs for the group’s album “Junto.” Jaxx claims that he observed something that was “glinting in the sky” and that the object remained very still, more like something you would see if light was reflecting off a shiny car. He claims that the object looked like a flying saucer and that he saw it on an April afternoon as he was visiting over a cup of tea with a singer. Jaxx saw it hovering over London from his window view.

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila is another celebrity musician who claims to have seen a UFO. She’s well known for her social media spouting, but she’s still credible when she’s not making a scene on Twitter. The 36 year old native of Singapore shared on Facebook that she was visited by three aliens that match the description of the Greys that landed at Roswell, New Mexico. Tila claims that her visitors were man made versions so we’re not sure if they communicated to her that they were clones or what. All we really know is that she made the claim in a semi-coherent form.

Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison is a well-loved and internationally known comic scribe from the United Kingdom. He has the reputation of being a solid guy and there is no reason for anyone to doubt his word. He shared that alien encounters have served as the inspiration for many of his comic works including the “Vertigo” series and “The Invisibles.” Morrison claims that he has had real life encounters with aliens.

It was in 1999 at a comic convention that Grant shared his experiences with the public. He claims that on a 1994 trip to Katmandu, he was surrounded by a “swarm of aliens” and it happened right in his hotel. They extraterrestrials took him out of his body and he was transported to Alpha Centauri. He strongly believes that this experience was real. He claims that he was able to communicate with the beings and that when he asked them what was going on, they told him. According to Morrison, the aliens disclosed information to him and requested that he share it with the world through his work. Grant claims that he was taken to the fifth dimension which exists outside of time and space. It was here that the aliens explained the concept of time to him.

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