The 21 Richest Celebrities Under 21

For many people, making their first million dollars is something that doesn’t happen until very late in life. After decades of working a profitable job, making smart investments, and building a solid portfolio, anyone could reach that coveted seven-figure number in their bank account. Even then, it is not always guaranteed to happen. In today’s world, more and more young people are becoming successful. There are a lot of great opportunities in technology, for example, that are being taken advantage of by the newest generation. For example, Robert Nay was only 14 when he released his brilliant physics game Bubble Ball on the Apple App Store. He made his first million shortly after the release of this game.

Of course, the traditional route to fame and fortune – that is, making it big in the performing arts – is still frequented by many young dreamers. So many young actors, actresses, musicians, and models have reached the million-dollar mark. A lot of them have a larger net worth than most people two, three, or even four times their age. The entertainment game does involve a lot of luck and connections. However, the sheer talent of some of the wealthiest young celebrities played a key role in how they made their millions. If you are interested in learning a bit more about the most affluent young celebrities, you should read on as we examine the 21 Richest Celebrities under 21 Years Old.

Skai Jackson – Net Worth: $500,000

Skai Jackson is only 15 years old (born in April 2002). This actress is best-known for her work in Jessie, a Disney Channel sitcom in which she played the character Zuri Ross. Currently, Jackson is working on the series Bunk’d – another Disney Channel offering. In this show, Jackson plays the starring role. She first entered the entertainment world much earlier in her life. Amon g her first performances were on commercials. Most notably, Jackson played a central role in a Band-Aid commercial when she was much younger. Her work on commercial television brought her modest recognition, and allowed her to score some more-profitable roles with a higher potential for more widespread exposure. She made her film debut in an independent film called Liberty Kid. From there, she scored a few small roles in some big-name productions such as Arthur and The Smurfs. Today, she is a Disney Channel star with a sizeable net worth that people many years her senior might be jealous of.

Ryan Newman – Net Worth: $1 million

This prolific young actress is a millionaire at only 19 years old. She is best known for her roles as Allison in The Thundermans and Ginger Falcone in Zeke and Luther. In fact, for the latter role she even received a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Series. Her success could be attributed to her early start in the entertainment industry. She began taking roles in commercials as early as the age of three. One of the earliest jobs that she took was a Kraft Cheese advertisement – which aired for over two years after it was filmed. Right off the bat, Ryan Newman made film appearances. She first appeared in Monster House at the age of seven (in voice-acting form). She even trained in martial arts for her portrayal of a young super hero in Zoom. Due to this actress’ astonishing ability and great promise, we are not surprised that she has such a large net worth at such a young age.

Amandla Stenberg – Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Amandla Stenberg is a young woman of multiple talents. She is best-known for her portrayal of Rue in The Hunger Games. However, she has acted in other films and has pursued other ventures such as modeling, singing, and writing. The 19-year-old began her career 15 years ago, working as a Disney model at the age of 4. She also appeared in a few commercials. Her film debut was in Colombiana, where she played the younger version of the main character. She also worked on Rio 2 and had a recurring role in Sleepy Hollow. Stenberg also has a great voice, and was even named “one of the most incendiary voices of her generation” by Dazed magazine. She is also a writer, having co-authored a comic book called Niobe: She is Life. Her multitude of talents and early start directly contributed to her high net worth.

Finn Wolfhard – Net Worth: $2 million

The Stranger Things actor – he portrayed Mike Wheeler in the show – is only 15 years old, having been born in December of 2002. He is best-known for his role in Stranger Things, and recently achieved even more recognition for his portrayal of Richie Tozier in the 2017 version of It. He first got into acting through a job that was posted on Craigslist. Shortly thereafter, he first appeared on television in The 100, and followed up with a small role on Supernatural. His next role was the one that brought him international fame – Stranger Things. Wolfhard got this part through an open casting call via a successful video audition. Finn Wolfhard is set to achieve a lot of success in his life. Besides his acting career, he is also the lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player for a band called Calpurnia. They were signed to Royal Mountain Records in 2017, and are due to release an album sometime this year. Wolfhard has earned every penny of his pay, and we expect great things from this young man in the future.

Chandler Riggs – Net Worth: $2 million

This Atlanta native is one of the best actors in his age group. At only 18 years old, he has achieved international renown for his role as Carl Grimes in The Walking Dead. The show was a smash hit, and shattered all previous ratings in cable television history. His first job was playing a Munchkin for Atlanta’s Fox Theater’s version of The Wizard of Oz. This is a pretty far cry from zombie-slaying Carl Grimes. Two small television parts later, Riggs got his famous, award-winning role on The Walking Dead. He has taken home a Young Artist Award and a Saturn for this role. Though Riggs is young, he has a promising future. With the success he has already garnered as a television star, we will undoubtedly see great things from this actor as time goes on. He will always be close to our hearts as The Walking Dead’s Carl Grimes, however.

Joey King – Net Worth: $3 million

The 18-year-old Joey King is the go-to representation of an actress who went straight to the top. She appeared in many big-budget films right when she started acting, such as Horton Hears a Who! And Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. She made her first in-person appearance in Ghost Whisperer, shortly followed by two episodes on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. This actress gained a lot of recognition in the film Ramona and Beezus, where she played the titular role of Ramona Quimby. She even recorded and released a single during the filming that was called “Ramona Blue”. King has appeared in many other films since then, including Battle: Los Angeles; Crazy, Stupid, Love; The Dark Knight Rises; and many other films. King is slated to appear in even more films for 2018. She will, for example, appear in Slender Man as one of the main characters who are being hunted by a fearsome monster. If Joey King keeps up her phenomenal acting, she will see her net worth and fanbase continue to grow.

Maisie Williams – Net Worth: $3 million

This English actress is well-known for her role as Arya Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones. In fact, she has won several awards – including an EWwy Award, a Portal Award, and a Saturn Award – for this role. She has even been nominated for a primetime Emmy Award, and she is only twenty years old. Maisie Williams was lucky enough to have her television debut be on Game of Thrones. Due to the incredibly popular nature of the show, her talents gained quick international recognition. She has now played many other roles, such as a few guest appearances on Doctor WhoGame of Thrones may be Williams primary role at the moment, but she is slated to appear in several more films in the upcoming years. One huge role that she scored was in The New Mutants, the thirteenth film in the X-Men series. As long as she continues to impress everyone with her incredible acting, she is sure to be a success for the foreseeable future.

Millie Bobby Brown – Net Worth: $3 million

This Spanish-born, English-raised actress is most famous for playing the American psychic Eleven from the Netflix series Stranger Things. She was one of the youngest to ever receive a Primetime Emmy Award nomination at the young age of thirteen. Since then, she has won a Screen Actors Guild Award along with her co-stars for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. She also took home the 43rd Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor in a Television Series. Besides Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown has been featured in a Birdy music video, Citigroup video advertisements, and Calvin Klein’s “By Appointment” campaign. She is also set to star in Godzilla: King of the Monsters in 2019. She has risen to prominence at an incredible rate, and possesses fantastic skills (especially for her age). She is set to achieve great things in her life.

Willow Smith – Net Worth: $4 million

Willow Smith is the daughter of Will Smith and the younger sister of Jaden Smith. She has appeared in a few films, but focuses most of her time on her burgeoning music career. Her song “Whip My Hair” even achieved spot 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was nominated for Video of the Year at the BET Awards of 2011.  This young woman has achieved considerable recognition for her work in the entertainment industry. She made her film debut alongside her father in I am Legend, and then played a starring role in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. She won a Young Artist Award for her work in the latter. Her most recent album, The 1st, was released on October 31st of last year. It was critically-acclaimed, with most reviews citing her improved songwriting ability. She has also been praised for her accurate recreation of the 90’s R&B style that her songs bring to mind. While her father likely opened a few doors for her in the beginning, this young woman has proved time and again that she has her own unique talents.

Atticus Shaffer – Net Worth: $4 million

Possibly one of the most determined actors in Hollywood, Atticus Shaffer has battled osteogenesis imperfecta – a condition that causes fragile bones – throughout all of his roles that he has played in his career. His most famous role was as Brick Heck in The Middle. Shaffer has played in various films alongside his television career. He made an appearance in Hancock back in 2008. He also provided the voice for Edgar in the 2012 animated film Frankenweenie. It really goes to show that even a deadly disease can’t stop the most determined people. Unfortunately for The Middle fans, the show is coming to an end. On the other hand, this will allow Atticus Shaffer to get out into the world and score new, fresh roles. At only 19 years old, a smart young man like Shaffer is due to find even more success as his career matures.

Bella Thorne – Net Worth: $5 million

Bella Thorne is a fantastic actress and talented singer. She was born in October 1997, and is thus only twenty years old. One of her most famous roles was her portrayal of CeCe Jones in Shake It Up, a Disney Channel television series. Thorne currently stars as Paige in Famous in Love from the Freeform network. This actress had to overcome a major obstacle in her journey to the silver screen – dyslexia. She eventually improved her learning and reading skills, especially after a trip to a Sylvan Learning center. Eventually, she was even working a grade ahead. This morale and attitude followed her to her entertainment career. She is also a philanthropist, giving much of her money to a few charitable organizations. She supports the Humane Society, The Nomad Organization, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation with sizeable donations and networking support. Bella Thorne is one of the best-known names of our time, and has a checkbook to back it up.

Elle Fanning – Net Worth: $5 million

Another actress with family in the scene, Elle Fanning is the younger sister of Dakota Fanning. She even began her career at the age of two, playing young versions of her older sister’s characters in the mini-series Taken andthe film I Am Sam. Her first independent role was in Daddy Day Care, which was shortly followed by The Door in the Floor. The shooting schedule on the latter was so intense that the producers had originally meant to hire identical twins. Fanning’s performance impressed them so much that they decided that she could play the character alone. Dakota Fanning’s breakout role was in Super 8, in which she played Alice Dainard. For this role, she even received a Spotlight Award. She also has played in We Bought a Zoo, Maleficent, Ginger and Rosa, and Phoebe in Wonderland. Fanning is due to appear in four more films this year, and has already amassed an impressive fortune and filmography for her young age of 19.

Bailee Madison – Net Worth: $6 million

The 18-year-old Bailee Madison first came into the spotlight with her role as May Belle Aarons in Bridge to Terabithia, a Disney movie based on a children’s novel. Today, she is well-known for many other roles such as Maggie in Just Go With It. The modern Bailee Madison has scored a recurring role in The Fosters, and even achieved a starring casting as Grace Russell in Good Witch from the Hallmark Channel. However, she first began acting at only two weeks old, when she was featured in an Office Depot commercial. Though most of her time is taken up with her television commitments, Bailee Madison has still taken a role in an upcoming horror film called The Strangers: Prey at Night. This will be the first appearance of Madison as a legal adult in any film. As she continues to take more roles, this actress will eventually become a household name.

Sabrina Carpenter – Net worth: $6 million

This teenage actress, singer, and songwriter has found success in a lot of fields. Her most famous roles include Maya Hart in Girl Meets World and a young Chloe Goodwin in The Goodwin Games. She has also released a few albums during her time writing songs. She has always had an ear for music. In fact, Carpenter even placed third in Miley Cyrus’ “The Next Miley Cyrus Project” singing contest when she was younger. Her albums have been well-received by critics, another testament to her skill as an artist. For example, one critic stated that she helped to define the differences between the conception of a teen artist, and the reality of that life. Whether Sabrina Carpenter decides to continue acting after her upcoming 2018 film, The Hate U Give, is yet to be seen. She could devote her time to scoring more roles, or she may decide that singing and writing music is the path for her. Whatever this talented young woman decides to do, she will definitely be successful.

Ariel Winter – Net worth: $7 million

Ariel Workman, better known as Ariel Winter, is a phenomenal young actress. She is renowned for her role as Alex Dunphy in Modern Family, a role that she has played since 2009. She has also provided her voice to several animated characters, such as Penny Peterson in Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Her voice can also be found in a few video games. Winter got an early start in showbusiness. When she was only 4 years old, she scored a role in a 2002 Cool Whip advertisement. She followed this with appearances in a few television shows, such as ER and Bones. She even provided the voice for Gretchen from Phineas and Ferb. This actress is most famous for her television roles, but she has also played in a few feature films including Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Speed Racer. Despite a difficult home life, Ariel Winter has achieved massive success in the entertainment industry – a pattern that will surely continue with the passage of time.

Rico Rodriguez – Net worth: $7 million

Not many people can say that they won an Oscar before they turned twenty. Rico Rodriguez is one of them. His most famous role is as Manny Delgado in Modern Family. Due to his work on this show, he was a co-winner of a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. Rodriguez has appeared in several other television shows, mostly for one-offs and cameo appearances. He can also be found in a few movies, such as Epic Movie and The Muppets. It is interesting to not that he had not seriously considered acting until 2006 – and only 3 years later, he found himself on the breakout show Modern Family. This actor is also a writer. In 2012, he published a book at the age of thirteen called Reel Life Lessons… So Far. This book was an autobiography with a humorous slant, and a great way for the young actor to introduce himself into the writing world. He could truly pursue either path and find considerable success.

Jaden Smith – Net worth: $8 million

Another kid from a talented family, Jaden Smith is no exception. He has performed as an actor, singer, songwriter, and rapper throughout his short but illustrious career. He has performed in several films – including The Pursuit of Happyness and After Earth alongside his father Will. Jaden Smith’s rapping career began in 2010, when he recorded alongside Justin Bieber in the song “Never Say Never”. Just two years later, he released his very first mixtape called The Cool Café. After releasing one more mixtape, he began working on his studio album. The album, Syre, was released in 2017 to generally-positive reviews. Smith has also been the subject of some controversy. For example, in 2013 he criticized America’s education system and suggested that young kids drop out of school. Granted, he was 14 at the time which may have had some bearing on his decision. The modern-day Jaden is much more respectable, and will hopefully stay that way in the future.

Nolan Gould – Net worth: $9 million

Yet another Modern Family alum, Nolan Gould has become a multi-millionaire before he even hit twenty. He plays Luke Dunphy in Modern Family, and has also been included in a few films. He was even included in a Logic music video for the song “1-800-273-8255”. Nolan Gould plays a somewhat dim-witted character on Modern Family. However, he is actually a Mensa member. He also has an incredibly high IQ. Plus, he achieved a General Educational Development (GED) diploma at the age of 13, which he wished to use to enroll in college. This actor also has a propensity for music. He plays banjo, double bass, didgeridoo, and mandolin. He also has plans to expand to the Theremin and the sitar at some point in the future. He may make a career out of music, but chances are he will stick to Modern Family for the time being – especially since he is currently making over $70,000 per episode.

Chloe Grace Moretz – Net worth: $12 million

One of the most astounding actresses of the 21st century is, without a doubt, Chloe Grace Moretz. She is known for several films, including Kick-Ass, Carrie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and the 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror. Moretz got her start in Hollywood in a two-episode stretch of CBS’ The Guardian. From there, she gained more and more recognition through bigger and bigger roles. Eventually, she wound up trying out for the character Hit-Girl in the hit movie Kick-Ass. This is considered her breakout role, and is largely responsible for subsequent success. This actress just barely qualifies for our 21 Richest Celebrities Under 21 list, as her birthday was in February of 1997. Soon, she will be able to legally drink alcohol – and if you’re anything like us, that’s a pretty big shock. What isn’t too shocking is her massive net worth, as Moretz is a highly-talented actress.

Shawn Mendes – Net worth: $12 million

In Shawn Mendes, we find the perfect example of how modern media can help future stars gain recognition. He originally was discovered through the video-sharing application Vine, where he posted guitar and vocal covers of popular songs. Less than a year after his first Vine post, manager Andrew Gertler discovered him and instantly signed him with Island Records in 2014. His very first official single, “Life of the Party”, made it to spot number 24 on the US Billboard Hot 100. He was the youngest person to ever have their debut make it to the top 25, which was likely due to his preexisting fanbase on Vine. Since he began, Mendes has recorded some of the top songs of this generation. Most recently, he released the popular “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”. This song, released on April 20th of last year, was his third single to score a place in the top ten – even reaching number one on the Mainstream Top 40. His wild success has brought him fame and fortune, and it’s all thanks to a few videos on Vine.

Kylie Jenner – Net worth: $50 million

Keeping Up with the Kardashians was initially responsible for sending Kylie Jenner – model, entrepreneur, and socialite – to the top in her field. She starred in the show starting at the young age of nine. Of course, Jenner also released her own brand of cosmetics. This, combined with her strong social media presence, led her to become a very successful businesswoman. Her entrepreneurial endeavors extend beyond only cosmetics. She has also created clothing lines, and even funded the development of an app. Jenner’s app was the top-rated app on the iTunes App Store for some time. Jenner’s business sense landed her on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, making her the youngest person to ever be featured on this list at the age of 19. Today, she has amassed an incredible fortune at a very young age. Her net worth is more than four times as large as her next nearest competitor, wrapping up our list of the 21 Richest Celebrities Under 21.

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