5 Woman Who Should Play Dina Lohan in a Movie

poehler and fey

If there ever were to be a life story about the sad outcome of Lindsay Lohan’s life (we say that like she’s not just a young woman in her early 20s but one who is much older), who would play her mother? I mean, we can all agree that she’s probably not going to change her life at any given moment since she’s had nearly a decade to do so since she went kind of crazy, but she’s not yet done it. So in the life story of Lohan, who would play her mother? The woman is not exactly mother of the year. She’s more like not the mother of the year; partying, doing things with her kids’ money and not setting any type of appropriate example for her daughters as a mother. So that led us to wonder who would do an excellent job playing a woman who may or may not engage in too much abuse of substances, behave in a flighty manner and not at all set a good example? And we think we have a great idea. Here are the five amazing actresses we think would play a killer Dina Lohan.

Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler would make the most amazing drunk, bad mother. Remember Mean Girls? She is spot on to play the mother of the girl who befriended her crazy daughter in that movie. It seems almost full circle, don’t you think?

Tina Fey

She’s hilarious. She’s seriously funny; she’s the perfect woman to play Dina Lohan in the movie that we don’t even know is happening. She would kill this role and we’d love to see her do it.

Connie Britton

Well, she has hair in the same color family as Lohan, so we thought she might make a good one. And we really do mean that in the nicest possible manner.

Reese Witherspoon

She’s sweet and southern and down-to-earth, and she’s a killer actress. We think she’d make a phenomenal Dina Lohan because it’s unlike anything in which we’ve ever seen her take on as far as her roles are concerned.

Charlize Theron

If she can tackle a serial killer and a horrible haircut the way she did when she won her Oscar, she can take on Dina Lohan and her crazy ways.

Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

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