American Idol Alum Scotty McCreery Robbed During Home Invasion

The idea of someone coming into your home and harming you or anything like that is just a darn scary thought. Well, former American Idol Scotty McCreery can now tell us what it is like, seeing as to how he just survived such an incident. It was not at his house, though. He was at a friend’s when it happened.

So as I said, Scott McCreery was at a friend’s house in North Carolina when three strangers broke in brandishing guns and demanded money. They walked away with cash, credit cards, and electronics. Thankfully, none of them were injured and the police were called immediately. Though no suspects were apprehended yet, safe to say they are on the hunt for these three home invaders so they can bring them to justice. McCreery should have just sung his super low baritone and scared the crooks off. I know you shouldn’t joke about home invasions, but come on. Dude’s got the deepest singing voice in the world. Mighta spooked them off if they heard it.

Or they would have just shot him, too. Perhaps he handled himself in the best way, now that I think about it. We will follow up with this story if or when the perps are brought to justice. In the meantime, baby shut the doors and turn them lights down low. I really hope one of you gets that reference.

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

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