The 10 Biggest Bachelorette Villains of All-Time

jake pavelka

Being on national television as a reality show contestant is something that not that many people get to do in their life time. Those people should consider themselves quite fortunate. While many people are able to maintain a good reputation and actually behave themselves on national television, many are not. These men were either a bachelor or a contestant trying to win a bachelorette’s heart when they really became famous for being nothing more than shallow jerks.

Read on to find out who our least favorite men are from this series.


Kalon McMahon

When he was the man trying to become the stepfather of Emily Maynard’s little girl, he made the world cringe. Egotistical is not even a strong enough word to describe this person. I have a few more words I thought might work well, but it turns out that they’re not that nice and won’t go over well on even the internet. I’ll let the people in the comment section go there for me though (and I’ll thank you in advance). He was such a jerk that we couldn’t believe no one punched him in the face – and we do NOT condone violence. Ever.

justin rego

Justin “Rated R” Rego

Anyone who goes by this nickname is automatically thrown onto the list of most awful people ever to exist in the entire world, if I’m not mistaken. This is a man who is nothing short of just awful, and we don’t get what people see in him. I mean, ew. He was part of Ali Fedotowsky’s season and he had her fooled for a minute. However, the second she found out how he was behaving, she was right there to confront him, call him out and send him packing. We loved her.

chad johnson

Chad Johnson

From JoJo’s season, this is a man who need therapy rather than reality television. He has threatened other men, he is manipulative and he is just awful. Is there another word to describe this man who is so hateful and awful? I think not…and we think that he’s going to have a difficult time existing in the real world now that we all know what he’s like. Except he will probably end up with some flighty and crazy woman now that he has really made himself famous. It’s gross.


Bentley Williams

Remember when the adorable Ashley Hebert was the woman to fall in love with? Well, he did not fall in love with her. In fact, he made it his point to tell the cameras that he was on the show so that he could make her cry. And then he admitted that he was really worried that his hair did not look good when he told her that he was not attracted to her and that he was not staying on the show. He was not someone we liked, and he was not someone we thought we could enjoy.


JJ Lane

When he was on Kaitlyn’s season, and he seemed all right at first. However, he quickly showed the world what a manipulative playboy jerk he really is. In fact, he did a standup comedy routine with Amy Schumer and she actually called him out for not having a personality or humility or modesty after he told her that he’s so much smarter than 90% of the people who watch the show. Good job, Amy.

juan pablo

Juan Pablo Galavis

He was a contended on the Bachelorette when Desiree Hartstock was the woman to win, and he was someone that everyone fell in love with. We were all fooled by his seemingly innocent manner, however, and we were shocked at how poorly he came across and behaved when he was chosen to be the bachelor following his departure from Desiree’s season. He is so awful that women volunteered to leave the show.


Ian Thomson

Kaitlyn seemed to really like him for about a half second. That’s when he opened his mouth and it all went downhill from there. He’s too much of a thinker, or so he said. He feels that he is so smart, so intelligent and so much better than everyone else that he simply cannot handle the fact that he is, well, not. He then proceeded to tell Kaitlyn that she was far too promiscuous for him, yet he walked off the set saying that he needed to have a little intimacy. Um, who does that make the promiscuous one? We thought he was pretty awful, and it seems that most people had the same feeling as we did.


Ed Swiderski

So let’s be clear that we all really liked Ed. He was part of Jillian Harris’ season, and we all really liked him. However, I do have to admit that I wish she had picked the guy who reminded me so much of Matthew Perry on her season. However, he was great when he was on the show and it was after he won the heart of the bachelorette that he began cheating, drinking and acting like a jerk. He was good at first, but a big old giant phony in the end.


Wes Hayden

Jillian Harris really dodged a bullet with this musician who was clearly on the show so that he could get a record deal. He made no apologies for the fact that he simply did not care for her, for anyone but himself, and that he was there to make himself famous so he could get a record deal or something of that nature. He was pretty awful, and we are all in complete agreement that he would not make anyone happy, ever.


Jake Pavelka

When he was a contestant and when he was the Bachelor, we all really liked him. Then he picked that kind of trashy and immature little girl to win his heart over a mature woman who actually knew how to behave in public and those two ruined his reputation to pieces. He turned into the worst jerk ever, and we were not happy how he changed. He was one of the ones we decided we disliked the most.

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