10 Expectations We Have For Blac Chyna’s Pregnancy

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian

The world is waiting with baited breath to see how the rest of Blac Chyna’s pregnancy with a Kardashian baby goes. While we cannot lie and state that we are shocked by her pregnancy announcement, we can say that we are a little surprised that she has not made that big a deal out of her pregnancy so far. Of course, what’s really important right now, we think, is the part where she actually gets married and changes her name. Most people were not shocked that Rob Kardashian proposed to Blac Chyna only a few weeks after making their relationship official, and many immediately began to speculate that she was probably with child. When she and her new fiancé came out to confirm the rumors, most people didn’t even blink. It’s a classic Hollywood tale of boy meets girl, boy gets girl pregnant, boy proposes to girl, girl announces pregnancy.

However, we also know that Blac Chyna is not the most popular person within the Kardashian family. Of course, she dared to come out and tell the world that her baby daddy and ex-fiance Tyga was sending her inappropriate texts while living with Kylie Jenner, youngest sister of the Kardashians. We can see how that might be totally inappropriate and unacceptable for the family even though they did forgive Lamar Odom for cheating on Khloe, becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol and actually almost dying in a brothel before they nursed him back to health and then watched as he healed and began drinking more heavily than ever (priorities, you know). So there are a few things that we can expect from the Blac Chyna pregnancy; and we think that at least 75% of our predictions will come true.


Blac Chyna is a former model and she is quite proud of herself. In that light, we don’t have any reason to believe she is not going to take to the internet to post as many baby bump selfies as she possibly can as often as she possibly can over the next few months. She’s got all the time in the world, after all, and she’s the only person in the family carrying on with the Kardashian name. We expect she is not going to want anyone to forget that anytime soon.

Love Proclamations

Now that these two are having a baby and getting married, we think that they are going to take every opportunity presented to show the world how in love they are. Maybe they aren’t showing the world so much as they are just rubbing it into the family and their hatred of this new family member.

The Gender Reveal

Did you think for a second that Blac Chyna was going to let this one go? She’s going to make sure the world is perfectly well aware of the fact that she is the baby mama of the next Kardashian baby – possibly the only baby in the family to carry on the name. When we find out what she’s having, it’ll be because she did it big.

Delivery Room Drama

We all know that with that many women in his life, Rob Kardashian is going to have at least a few siblings and probably his mother ask to come into the delivery room. We have a feeling that it’s not going to be a welcome request from the newest baby mama in the family, though, and we fully expect to see the tabloids filled with drama surrounding this one. She doesn’t want that family anywhere near her except to profit from them, so we think this ought to be quite interesting.

Baby Shower Drama

Who is going to throw Blac Chyna her baby shower? Not to cause any controversy, but we have this overwhelming feeling that it’s not going to be her future in-laws. We think it might be Amber Rose. You know, the woman who used to date Kanye West and loves to feud with him as often as possible these days? I actually cannot wait for this one.

Kardashians Professing Their Love

Kim Kardashian seems to be the most accepting of the bunch. She seems to just want everyone to be happy and in a good place, so we might see her – at some point – decide that she’s supporting this relationship and this baby. We think that she might actually become friendly with her new sister-in-law and want to spend some time with her.

Kardashians Professing Their Hate

And then there will be the rest of the Kardashians. We think that Kylie and Mama Jenner are not going to feel any better about Blac Chyna no matter what she does, so we fully expect to see them professing their dislike of the former model in the most politically correct manner possible.

Lots of Skin

She’s Blac Chyna; need we say more? She loves to show off as much skin as possible, as often as possible. She’s quite proud of her body and has no problem with the fact that she is someone who might or might not dress the way most people feel a mother should dress – which is modestly and stylish. We think the bigger she gets, the smaller her clothing might become.

Lots of Attention

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are the biggest scandal in Hollywood at the moment. They are going to spend every single day for the remainder of this pregnancy on the cover of tabloids, online and in the news. There will be so much attention to this pregnancy that we bet people forget it is an election year.


To be clear, the sympathy is directed to the baby. This is a baby being born to a father who might have some mental health issues he needs to work out and a mother who most people assume is just using him to get the Kardashian name. Either way, it’s going to be part of the craziest and most controversial family in the world, and people already feel bad for the unborn child.

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