10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ranae Shrider

There’s not much that’s out there you can read about the young actress and director Ranae Shrider without reading something that’s tied to the late actor Verne Troyer. Troyer became famous for his role as Mini Me in the Austin Powers franchise, but Shrider is most famous for being in a leaked sex tape with the dwarf actor. While the actress may be young still, there’s no telling where her future in Hollywood might be given that many people only associate her with the negative aspects of Troyer’s life and career. If she handles her popularity correctly, there’s a chance that she can carve a name for herself in the industry. In the meantime, here are 10 things you’ve probably never heard of about Shrider.

  1. Shrider is now 32 years old. When she first started dating Troyer, she was only 22 years old against his 40 years. While the age gap might be a lot, the height difference was even more between the two.
  2. Shrider is 5ft 6in tall. She literally towered over Verne who stood at only 2ft 8in. Still, their height difference never stopped them from giving it a go. Although, Shrider once claimed that during the few times that they went out to a nice restaurant to eat, the wait staff had to stack phone books on Troyer’s seat just so he could reach the table.
  3. Supposedly, Shrider is from Tampa, Florida. However, there are sources that say she might be from Kentucky. No one really knows for sure where Shrider came from, but she met Troyer in California, and they both once lived in the UK while Troyer did Celebrity Big Brother. As far as her current location, we can assume that she probably lives in Hollywood still, but no one can be sure.
  4. At one point in their short relationship, there were rumors of a possible wedding happening. There weren’t a lot of details about their relationship when they were together, but a lot of negativity came out after their sex tape leaked. None of the details hinted at a good relationship at all. There were no traces of wedding bells whatsoever.
  5. Shrider has a short acting credit list with her first gig just 10 years ago in 2008. That first gig was none other than the infamous tape. Since then, Shrider’s appeared in shows such as Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, 90210, CSI, Pretend Time, True Blood, and New Girl.
  6. It’s possible that Shrider has more talent than she lets on. It could be that the negative press about her hindered her career a little bit. She even has a directorial credit to her name. In 2010, Shrider directed an episode of the TV show Heatherbrained. The episode was called Nothin’ But Pizza for Brains.
  7. There was a lot of back and forth that went on between Shrider and Troyer during the time of the sex tape leak. Shrider claims that Troyer mistreated her in many ways—even going as far as saying that Troyer treated her like a slave. Troyer, on the other hand, went on record to say that Shrider was physically abusive and inflicted a lot of emotional distress on him.
  8. Something that a lot of people seemed to agree with during that time was when Troyer claimed that Shrider used his popularity to give herself an edge. It isn’t unusual to hear in Hollywood, but whether it’s true in the case of Shrider or not is something that we probably won’t know now.
  9. Shrider claims that she’s an odd person herself, and that was one of the reasons why she gave her relationship with Troyer a chance to begin with. Shrider claims that she doesn’t date normal people anyway, and we can all attest to that with her relationship with Troyer.
  10. With all the interviews that she did about Troyer, most of it pointed to the fact that she was miserable with the late actor. Although their troubled relationship only lasted for a few months, it seems that the relationship had affected both individuals deeply and negatively at that. We can’t say if Troyer’s troubled relationship with Shrider had anything to do with his future demise. However, we’re fairly sure that the events in Troyer’s life must have affected Shrider tremendously.

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