10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kelly Dodd

kelly dodd

Kelly Dodd might not be a household name just yet, but she’s working on it. Sadly, she’s not working on it all that well with her introduction to the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County. She is the new wife this season, and so far she has not made the best impression. She began by placing herself directly into the middle of an ongoing battle between some of the original housewives she joined, and she has not made things much better for herself. She joined the show telling everyone that they were wrong to be mad at Vicki Gunvalson, even though she was not around for any of the entire situation that involved Vicki lying to and about her friends and her ex-boyfriend’s fake cancer battle. She then crossed paths with the women by telling them that they should just forgive her and be nicer, and that didn’t go over well.

However, when she began screaming at Shannon Beador about being ugly, about how she can see why her husband cheated on her and then screaming obscenities while obviously drunk at a party, it all went downhill fast. Of course, it was wildly entertaining for us, but I will share with you what I said to my husband. “Her daughter and her family must be horrified by her behavior.” On that note, let’s get to know a bit more about the woman who likes to stir the pot and cause some issues.

She’s from Arizona

She hasn’t lived there in a while, but that’s where she comes from. When she moved to the OC, she brought her brother and her mother with her to live in her home with her husband, herself and her daughter. They do a lot of day drinking, a lot of yelling and they seem to be a very close family.

She allegedly went through alcoholics anonymous

We know that a legal document was released stating that Kelly Dodd went to AA for a while to curb her drinking problem. Anyone who has watched her on television will tell you that this woman definitely does have a drinking problem, so we say good for her for getting the help she needs. However, this was back in 2014 and it clearly has not helped her.

Her husband has a restraining order

Back in 2014, she and her husband decided to call it quits on their marriage and go their separate ways. However, that was not before she repeatedly hit her husband and abused him, resulting in him reporting her to the police and obtaining a restraining order against his wife.

She’s in an unhappy marriage

One of the first things that Kelly Dodd revealed to the world when she appeared on national television is that it’s just easier to be married to her husband, whom she referred to as Hitler, than it is to be divorced and that she’s sucked it up to keep her family together.

She likes tequila

On this week’s episode of the RHOC, we saw her admit to having three glasses of wine and then watched as she threw back a tequila shot with Vicki at home before pouring a cocktail and getting into a limo. Once at a party, she then threw back another four tequila shots that we saw on camera, and she had a drink in her hand the rest of the show.

She doesn’t like blondes

It turns out that Kelly Dodd thinks that all the blondes in Orange County look exactly alike, and that they probably all have had their breasts augmented. I believe she wanted to use this as an insult toward Shannon Beador and her friend, but it was also an insult to every other friend she has in the OC, too.

She was bullied in high school

Kelly Dodd said that she was not a popular girl in high school, and that she was teased and bullied relentlessly by the other girls in her school. However, she now takes on bits and pieces of their personalities to make sure she is never treated like that again by doing the same thing to other women. Instead of breaking the bullying cycle, she is only making it worse by using the tactics of mean high school girls as a 40-something woman.

She’s a crazy drunk

There are all types of drunks in the world, and most of us know who our inner drunk really is. Mine doesn’t come out often with four kids home but anytime we go on vacation without them and share a bottle of wine, we might see pleasantly buzzed Tiffany come out. She’s loving, funny and she’s super friendly. Kelly Dodd, however, is mean. It’s not a good look for someone so lovely on the outside.

She likes to tell people they don’t have a sense of humor

One thing we’ve noticed about Kelly Dodd in the past few weeks is that she’s probably very insecure based on her comments. She says means things about people and when they don’t laugh, she tells them it’s a joke. When they still don’t think it’s funny, she throws it back on them and tells them that they don’t have a sense of humor. No; they just don’t think that hateful insults are all that amusing. Most people need not tear others down to build themselves up.

She seems lonely

Kelly Dodd might not admit it or even realize it, but her personality screams lonely. She comes across as someone you will really like at first. Her big personality and her sense of humor are inviting, but then she becomes mean. We think that she might have a small problem with the fact that she’s insecure and she feels she has to behave a certain way to make people like her, or to alienate them from the start so that she can say she did it and not that they didn’t like her. She makes us feel sad for her, and we hope she can pull it together so she can shine.

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