10 Things You Didn’t Know about Aly Raisman

Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman Makes A Special Appearance At Academy Sports + Outdoors In The Woodlands, TX on Behalf Of Reebok

Aly Raisman might only be 22-years-old, but she’s more successful, more focused and better at what she does than probably most of the world as a collective group. She’s the young gymnast that has been taking the world of competitive gymnastics by storm most all of her life, and she is nothing but a shining star. She was part of the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team at the 2012 Olympics, which earned her the nickname the Fierce Five, as the world called the group. They dominated, and she was the star of the group. She earned a gold medal in two different competitions, as well as a bronze in another. Those medals earned her the right to become the most decorated and best American gymnast in the games that year, which were held in London. Now she’s back and ready to perform in the 2016 Olympics, and the world has very high expectations of this young lady. It makes us want to get to know more about her, don’t you?

She’d love a makeup sponsor

When you work as a famous athlete, you get sponsors. They like to pay for things for you so that you can go out and make them money, bring more to their brand and become even more famous. However, Aly Raisman just wants to throw it out there that she would love to do a sponsorship for a makeup brand. We get that. There is nothing wrong with wanting to wear gorgeous makeup and represent a brand that will always make her look gorgeous in anything she would do. Hey, makeup brands; you can sponsor me, too, and I’ll make sure I sell the heck out of your makeup in some way, shape or form. Is there like a twin mom that looks amazing sponsorship available? I have the twins…

Her nickname is Grandma

It seems that her teammates on the Olympic gymnastics team call her grandmother, and it might be for a good reason. Why? Because she likes to go to bed early and she likes to take naps and really just rest as often as possible. Of course, why wouldn’t she? She’s working hard to maintain her good health and her performance ability for her sport, so she might as well get the rest she can get when she can get it.

She’s a health nut

It seems that at only 22, a time when many young men and women are out doing whatever they can to have a good time, perhaps drinking just a bit and having some fun, she’s just not into it. In fact, Aly Raisman is such a health nut that her friends make fun of her. Hey, she works in a career that means she needs to be in her best shape, so she takes care of herself to make it possible and easier.

She’s not up to text lingo

As someone who is only a decade older than Aly Raisman, I get this. It’s not always easy to decipher what people are saying to me in text message when they don’t actually take the time to spell things out. I don’t understand what a group of letters all together mean, and I don’t love when I receive a text like that. I’d rather just ignore it.

She’s a mother hen

Her teammates call her grandma because they think it’s funny, but it might be pretty close to the truth. It seems that Aly Raisman is a very big mother hen to her young teammates, and they really like it. She’s good about providing them the kind of advice that they need and being there for them when they need her the most. It’s good for her, and she appreciates every moment of it.

She loves Subway

I prefer a Publix sub myself, but to each his own. Aly Raisman said during the 2012 Olympic games that she would love to do a commercial for Subway. We wonder if her mind has changed at all since the entire Jared from Subway thing came to light and the company took a major hit for employing a child pornographer as their brand spokesperson?

Her best friend is a boy

Okay, so he’s a boy but he’s not her boyfriend and they’ve been friends pretty much their entire lives. There is not a thing wrong with that, even if the people in her life back in 2012 when she was in the spotlight again thought that there must be something else going on. She’s just good friends with him and that’s just their relationship; sorry to anyone who wants more.

She loves fashion

There’s not much time for anything else when you are training as a professional gymnast and you are part of the Olympic team but if she had the time, Aly Raisman would love to become a fashion designer. She doesn’t get to design her own clothes right now, but you might see her doing a bit of that in the near future as she becomes older and decides what she actually wants to do for the rest of her life.

She doesn’t love the bars

She might be one of the most famous gymnasts in the world, but Aly Raisman does not love the bars. They are her least favorite to perform on, and she doesn’t really enjoy it too much. However, it’s part of the games and she has to be good at it, and she has to participate. We like that she’s honest about it, however. It’s a nice and very refreshing bit of honesty for those who look up to her.

She loves the floor

If you ask Aly Raisman her favorite part of gymnastics, she’ll tell you she loves the floor. She loves everything about it. She would focus her entire career on the floor if she was allowed to do that. Just take notice of her smile throughout her performance on the floor versus on the bars when the Olympics begin in a few weeks and you’ll see.

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