10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dorinda Medley

Dorinda Medley

Dorinda Medley is a household name. She’s one of the most famous real housewives in any of the franchises. She hails from the ladies from New York City, and she never fails to show up with her A game face on so she can spar and banter with the ladies. She’s a likable enough woman that many people enjoy, but she’s part of a franchise that means people are mean to her, she’s in the midst of spats on a regular basis and people think they know all about her when they really don’t.

It is easy to assume that Dorinda Medley is just another pretty face on television, but she’s actually not just that. She’s not a housewife at all. She’s a designer and she has a career. She takes care of herself and her life, and she’s not afraid to talk about how far she’s made it in her career thus far. It’s why we typically enjoy getting to see her around and getting to know her a bit on television. She’s one of our favorites.

She’s a widow

You probably know that Dorinda Medley was a married woman, and that she lost her husband. She was married to Richard Medley. They married in 2005, and they remained happily married until he suddenly passed away in 2011, leaving her to pick up the pieces of her devastation all alone.

She loves a good time

She’s had a bit of a rough life with the death of her husband and one failed marriage before that, so Dorinda Medley enjoys taking some time to herself. She likes to be the life of any party she attends, and she refuses to focus on anything that is not happy, positive or bringing her joy in some way.

She met her second husband at work

When she divorced her first husband, Dorinda Medley had to find a way to get back on track, so she went back to work. She decided to go to work in real estate, hoping she would meet new people and keep herself too busy to think about her life at the moment. Instead, she met her second husband after selling him a home.

She loves to give back

If there is one thing that Dorinda Medley is all about, it’s charitable work. She believes that when you are more fortunate than others, whether it is financially or just with time or with a skill that is needed, you should give back to those in need. It’s a wonderful lesson that we could all take from her. Charitable work has been something that Dorinda has worked on her entire life, and she has no intention of stopping now. She gives back as often as possible, and she sets a good example for her daughter, her friends and even the rest of us who should learn to give back a little bit more.

She loved her second husband for his charitable heart

When she was showing Richard Medley homes in New York City, she learned that he is a giving person, too. That’s what made her fall in love with him in the first place. He’s giving and loving, and she appreciated the fact that he had so much to offer her in this manner, which meant she was able to really make their relationship work.

She’s got one child

She loved her second husband very much, but the two never had any children together. Dorinda Medley does have one daughter, though. She had her little girl with her first husband when they were in a good place in their marriage. She loved him very much at the time and staring a family was something that the couple dreamed of doing for a while before they actually did it. It is a lovely story that just did not come with its own happy ending, unfortunately.

She worked in fashion

Her first job in NYC was for Liz Claiborne, and she loves fashion. Dorinda Medley is certainly not afraid to get her hands dirty and get to work, and that’s what people love about her. She knew what she wanted to do, how to do it and she made it happen for herself. She’s just that kind of person and that is what we love most about her.

She’s a former fashion designer

Before she became a NYC socialite and a reality television star, Dorinda had her own fashion line. She loves cashmere and sweaters very much, so she moved to London where it is often cold and rainy, and she designed a line of luxury sweaters for high-end, famous and very wealthy clients. She had a boutique of her own, and she worked very hard on her career when she was in London. She eventually closed her line and moved back to the states for love that did not work out in her favor.

She worked for Princess Di

To be fair, she wasn’t an employee of the late princess. However, Dorinda Medley did have her own fashion line in London, and she used to design cashmere sweaters for the princess herself. The label was a very luxurious one, and there is nothing short of the best for someone like Princess Diana. She’s described her as the utmost in elegance and class, and a wonderful woman through and through.

She doesn’t like mean girls

Some might say that Dorinda is a mean girl in her own right, but she’s not really. She simply does not like those who are not nice to others. She goes out of her way to avoid people she doesn’t care for, to avoid conflict and to keep the peace. However, she has her lines and her limits and she is not willing to stand back and watch things get crazy when someone else is out of line. She might not be mean for fun, but she will call you out on your bad behavior if she has the opportunity, and it’s something that is good nature for her.

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