20 Celebrities Hollywood Forced on Us

This is no doubt something that people have been complaining about for generations and generations. However, it is nonetheless true that there are some people who remain famous for reasons that are either not wholly clear or not wholly complimentary about the tastes of the average member of society. Unfortunately, this seems like a situation that will persist far into the future, though on the plus side, it is fun to complain about such individuals. Here are 20 celebrities that have been more or less forced on us by Hollywood:

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is the not the first young male singer and songwriter to receive an enormous amount of focus from the entertainment industries. Likewise, he will not be the last. Still, considering the sheer amount of focus upon him, it should come as no surprise to learn that there is a fair amount of criticism out there. In some cases, the criticism is justified, seeing as how he has gotten into trouble with the law on a surprising number of occasions for a wide range of reasons. In other cases, well, suffice to say that some of his critics might have gone a bit overboard. Regardless, it seems probable that Justin Bieber will be with us for years and years to come because whatever else that can be said about him, his commercial success stands as indisputable fact.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

In 2009, Chris Brown received a lot of coverage from the media. For those who don’t recall it in full detail, what happened was that he had an argument with his girlfriend at the time Rihanna, which resulted in him physically assaulting her. Something that left very visible injuries on Rihanna’s face that required her to go to the hospital to get the treatment that she needed. Initially, there was quite a backlash, as shown by a number of radio stations that pulled his music from their playlist. However, the incident has had little impact on Chris Brown’s career in the long run, seeing as how it has continued without much of a hitch. Something that might be attributable in part to his crisis management team, which conducted a media tour soon after the incident. With that said, his subsequent behavior has caused some people to raise their eyebrows as well, seeing as how another one of his ex-girlfriends asked for and received a 5-year restraining order against him in 2017 on the basis that he had threatened to kill her.

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is best-known for being the creative force behind Girls, which has brought her a fair amount of critical and commercial success. In more recent times, she has received a fair amount of criticism for stating that actress Aurora Perrineau’s claim that she had been sexually assaulted by one of Dunham’s fellow writers had been “misreported.” Considering that Dunham runs a feminist newsletter, that was a move that raised a lot of eyebrows, particularly since she has come under a lot of criticism for poor handling of racial issues in the past. Since Perrineau is mixed race, that has resulted in Dunham being labelled a “hipster racist” by certain segments out there, though this doesn’t seem to have slowed down her career by much if at all.

Kate Gosselin

In 2003, Kate Gosselin sought out help in the form of a fertility treatment, which was necessary because she was unlucky enough to have a condition that made it impossible for her to conceive otherwise. The result was sextuplets, who needed to be placed on ventilators because they had been born 10 weeks premature. As a result, the story caught the attention of a lot of people out there, which soon resulted in Kate and her husband showing up on a reality TV show called Home Delivery. Soon enough, this was followed by a number of specials on the Discovery Channel, which was eventually followed with a full-fledged reality TV show of their own that was focused on their experiences raising the sextuplets as well as their twin daughters from an earlier pregnancy. Unfortunately, Kate and Jon wound up getting a divorce, which turned out to be a huge blow to the reality TV show, which struggled because so much of the premise had been changed. Even worse, Kate and Jon have had a rather contentious relationship with one another following the divorce, which has caused their names to be brought up again and again in entertainment news. Besides this, Kate continued popping up in reality TV shows for some time, though for the most part, her other, more ambitious projects such as an attempted talk show met with mixed results at best.

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner’s choice to come out as a transgender woman was indeed a courageous one. However, the push by Hollywood to make her some kind of icon for transgender people is a bit much. Yes, she faces her share of struggles because of her status as a transgender woman. However, her wealth means that she is insulated from the worst of it, which is an important consideration when transgender people on average can expect much worse outcomes in a wide range of respects. Furthermore, it should be noted that Caitlyn Jenner supported Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, which was seen as something of a betrayal by a lot of transgender people out there because it was blatantly obvious that a Trump administration would not be a supporter of LGBTQ rights. Sure, she has since changed her mind on the whole thing, but on the whole, it doesn’t exactly speak well of her suitability for the role that Hollywood is seeking to slot her into.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie is an excellent example of the members of the Kardashian-Jenner family that have managed to become famous in their own right because of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Since then, she has become involved in a wide range of projects, which include but are not limited to participating in other reality TV shows, promoting various brands, and launching various product lines. However, the oddest endeavor might have been her supposed co-authoring with her sister Kendall of a sci-fi novel, which received a lot of criticism for having been ghost-written but managed to get a follow-up anyways.

Khloe Kardashian

Likewise, Khloe Kardashian is another member of the Kardashian-Jenner family who has managed to turn her reality TV stardom into a very lengthy stay on the TV screen via a wide range of projects. As a result, her romantic relationships are also the subject of much coverage by entertainment news, which can be more than a little bit tiresome.

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian

On the one hand, the fact that Kim Kardashian turned her initial 15 minutes of fame from a leaked sex tape into a multi-million empire suggests that she has some measure of genuine talent. On the other hand, the whole idea of being famous for being famous was tiresome even when its modern incarnation started out. With that said, the worst thing about the whole thing might be how the success of Keeping Up with the Kardashians has turned other family members into full-fledged celebrities as well, with the result that their shenanigans have filled and continue to fill the entertainment news.

Shia LaBeouf

Primarily, Shia LeBeouf is remembered for his role in a number of the Transformer movies, which for a lot of people, used up precious run-time that could have been much better spent on huge robots rendered one another into scrap metal with Michael Bay’s characteristic enthusiasm. However, there are also some people who might remember him for his role as Indiana Jones’s son in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which provoked such a mixed response from the fandom that talks of the future of the franchise have turned from having LeBeouf taking over as the lead character to the very simple and straightforward statement that LeBeouf’s character wouldn’t be appearing in Indiana Jones 5 at all. Combined with real life controversies such as bizarre stunts and multiple incidences of plagiarism, it is no wonder that some people view LeBeouf with the same irritation that they view some of his most famous characters.

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag is one half of the celebrity couple called Speidi. For those who are lucky enough to be unfamiliar with her story, the gist of it is that the two met on a reality TV show called The Hills. Initially, Montag was friends with one of the other stars Lauren Conrad, which came to an end when she started dating Spencer Pratt. As a result, there was a feud between the two, which became the core of the series from that point forward. Since that time, Montag’s name has sometimes been in the news for less than impressive reasons, with one example being the time her debut album suffered a massive flop to the time when she had ten cosmetic surgeries in a single day.

Spencer Pratt

Of course, the other half of Speidi would be Spencer Pratt, who was in a reality TV show called The Princes of Malibu before popping up in The Hills. That was probably the height of his career, seeing as how what came after was a succession of not particularly memorable and not particularly impressive appearances on a number of other reality TV shows. However, it is interesting to note that the two have managed to remain together throughout that time, which is rather nice because it suggests that the two are genuinely fond of one another. With that said, there was one time when Spencer Pratt filed for divorce from Heidi Montag, though it turned out that in the end, it was done for publicity reasons in an effort to bolster their flagging careers. In more recent times, Spencer Pratt has become a somewhat well-known figure on Snapchat because of his stories about his life as well as his personal fondness for hummingbirds of all things, which is rather amusing considering that he was once seen as one of the top villainous figures in reality TV.


For people, Pitbull’s most famous moment came in 2014. This was when his song “We Are One (Ole Ola)” became the official antheme for the FIFA World Cup held then, which is a huge moment for obvious reasons. However, it is worth noting that Pitbull has continued producing a regular succession of music since that time, as shown by the fact that he is now on his fifth compilation album. With that said, it is interesting to note that there doesn’t seem to have been any notable controversies associated with Pitbull, which is laudable but perhaps rarer than it should be.

Nicole Polizzi

The Kardashian-Jenner family are far from being the sole group of people to have become famous for their reality TV appearances. Another excellent example can be found in Nicole Polizzi, who might be better-known to most people out there under her nickname of Snooki. The entertainment news hasn’t been paying quite as much attention to her in recent times compared to the past because none of her more recent reality TV shows can match the success of Jersey Shore at its height. However, considering that a Jersery Shore revival has just started up, one can’t help but wonder how long that will last.

Adam Sandler

Sometimes, it can seem as though Adam Sandler is one of those comedians who get a lot more jokes told about them than the other way around. After all, his movies have been mocked for years and years by this point in time, which is not entirely fair because while there are real stinkers among them, there are also some examples that are at least somewhat amusing if not exactly exceptional in nature. Still, in spite of the sheer amount of criticism that has been directed against Adam Sandler over the course of his career, he is still making movies, as shown by the announcement in 2014 that he had signed a four movie deal with Netflix. Part of the irritation might be rooted in the perception from some parties that Adam Sandler possesses a measure of real comedic talent, which he doesn’t bother using because he doesn’t need to actually make use of it. However, whatever the real case might be, it seems probable that Adam Sandler’s career will continue chugging along for the simple reason that his efforts does actually bring in the viewers. That might not say particularly great things about the comedic tastes of the average consumer, but to be perfectly fair, that has been true for people in every time and every place.

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Given his name, it should come as no surprise to learn that Patrick Schwarzenegger is the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, which makes him a member of the Kennedy family of presidential fame. So far, he has shown up in supporting roles in a number of movies, which resulted in his first lead role in Midnight Sun in 2018. Unfortunately, his performance did not exactly wow the critics, with one particularly harsh review stating that he had failed to out-perform the trees on the set, which was followed up by said individual blasting Schwarzenegger’s limited repertoire of expressions. On the plus side, it is interesting to note that Schwarzenegger has had some successes with running businesses, so it will be interesting to see whether he will ever become more involved in business than owning some franchises.

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is another excellent example of the people who have become celebrities because of their involvement with reality TV shows. However, in his case, it is interesting to note that he became famous at the start of the trend and has remained more-or-less well-known ever since then. In short, Seacrest was already a TV show host in the 1990s, though for the most part, his name wasn’t particularly significant because the TV shows that he hosted weren’t particularly significant. However, that changed when he accepted an offer to host American Idol in 2002. From that position, Seacrest’s career blossomed, as shown by the fact that he is now Kelly Ripa’s co-host on her syndicated talk show, which is but one of the projects that he is involved with.

June Shannon

Some people might be more familiar with June Shannon as Mama June from a TLC series called Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Said series was successful enough to run from 2012 to 2014, coming to a close then because of reports that June Shannon was in a relationship with a registered sex offender. However, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo had been the target of much criticism long before that point, with examples ranging from fears of child exploitation to criticism that the people behind the TV show were going out of their way to make the cast members look as bad as possible for the viewers to laugh at. Even now, June Shannon remains a focus for entertainment news, as shown by her not infrequent appearances therein.

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith is the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. So far, he has dabbled in both acting and music with mixed results in both cases. For example, his performance besides his father in After Earth was not well-received by the critics, with one example stating that it escaped the fate of being labeled the worst sci-fi movie out there because of the existence of Battlefield Earth, which is a comparison that says a great deal on its own. Moreover, it should be noted that After Earth was seen as the absolute bottom of M. Night Shyamalan’s career, with some critics actually voicing sadness at how far he had fallen at that point in time. With that said, Jaden Smith has also had better results with other movies, as shown by the fact that work is still getting done on a follow-up to the remake of The Karate Kid that featured him with Jackie Chan. Music-wise, Jaden Smith found some success with a collaboration with Justin Bieber, which was completed for The Karate Kid. However, his independent projects haven’t been met with as much success, though he is still continuing on in this regard. On the whole, Jaden Smith’s career in entertainment has been rather mixed, but it is clear that Hollywood is still far from the point of giving up on him.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a very, very popular musician. As a result, she receives a lot of attention from entertainment news, which seems to be obsessed with her personal life. This is rather unfortunate for not just her but also people who are not exactly eager to hear even more about the exact details of her personal life, particularly since the sheer intensity of the media can be more than a little bit unsettling at times. At times, one can’t help but wish that the media would focus on someone else for a time, if just to give Taylor Swift a break.

Donald Trump

Much mockery has been made of Donald Trump’s business skills, with a particularly popular example being the one about him bankrupting casinos. However, there can no doubt about the fact that Trump seems to have genuinely good at marketing. For proof, look no further than the sheer number of brands that have made use of his image, which sometimes border on the ludicrous or outright cross it. Hollywood has helped Trump the entire way, as shown by the projects that either included him or included a figure meant to reference him. As a result, the current leader of the United States is Trump, who has not exactly had the greatest presidential term so far. However, the most disturbing possibility is that other celebrities might end up successfully running for higher offices as well without bothering to hone their skills beforehand with less important positions, which would be rather unfortunate because as it turns out, successful governing does actually call for a very specific set of skills.

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