10 Potential Taylor Swift Song Titles after the Calvin Harris Breakup

Taylor Swift

It’s difficult to tell whether or not the people rooting for Taylor Swift are rooting for her to succeed or fail. Let’s face it; she’s 26, wildly famous and probably the most beloved person in all the world at the moment. The problem people have with her is that she writes her own music and she holds nothing back. The world criticizes her for calling out the men she dates in her songs, but what’s wrong with that? We did the same thing growing up with our diaries, with our friends and with anyone who would listen. Women do it now on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on their blogs. The only difference between these girls and women and Taylor Swift is that Taylor doesn’t actually use their names in her songs, which does offer a bit more privacy than the women outing men by name (tagging them, to be precise) when they air their dirty laundry on social media.

Taylor Swift might talk about what went wrong in her relationships through her music, but she also talks about the things she loves in them, too. No one complains when she writes love songs and fun songs about men she once dated. Say that something didn’t work out and tell the world why not, and suddenly you’re a horrible person. Now that she and Calvin Harris, famous DJ, are broken up for good, the world is waiting with baited breath to see what she will sing about next.

It’s been reported that the duo, who were an official couple for just over a year, were not really in a good place for some time. The world was cheering for this couple. He’s famous, she’s famous, they both have their own lives and their own careers and they get it. They both seem to be very private and very low-key. They don’t go out and party. They stay home, they are casual; people loved that about them. Over the course of the past year it’s been marriage and engagement rumors, will they buy a house together or won’t they rumors, and so much more. Now they are broken up, and friends of the couple say that they are surprised that things lasted as long as they did.

According to those close to the couple, Calvin Harris was bored with Taylor Swift. Friends state that he wanted someone more fun and someone less needy. She wanted someone to give her more attention and be there for her more often, and he was unable to do that. They state that the couple had zero chemistry and that they were not even remotely compatible, and that the spark wore off not too long after they began dating publicly. They also said he only stuck around in the relationship as long as he did in hopes that the spark would come back and things would change between them.

Now that they’re officially broken up, we have to wonder if there will be some songs written about Calvin Harris in the near future. There might; but we think that there is a good chance that they won’t be totally hurtful. From what we understand and what has been said about the relationship, things weren’t good. However, Calvin Harris came out and said without any issue that while he and Taylor Swift might have broken up, there is a relationship there with a huge amount of love and respect. Since we like to hear it from the couple themselves, this is what we believe. We choose not to believe ‘friends’ and rumors.

After all, real friends aren’t out spilling the personal life details about their friends to the press for a little bit of fame and fortune. Other people are, though. On that note, we think that this is a relationship that ran its course and probably didn’t work out since these are two of the most famous, busiest stars in the world; we don’t think it ended badly. We think they were too busy for one another and that he might have been a little intimidated by the most famous woman in the world being his romantic partner. If Swift writes any songs about their relationship, we have a feeling they won’t be so mean. In fact, we might even be in the running for naming a few of her new hits about him.

Being More Famous Than Your Boyfriend Sucks

If the rumors are true and he wasn’t able to make it work because of her fame, this song might be the one we hear first.

Music Over Men

We know that there is a chance this relationship did not work out because of her fame and his intimidation, but we also know this is one young lady unwilling to compromise her dreams for a man. We like that.

Can’t Stop Performing

She’s got a job, and her job is to be the most famous singer in the world. He’s got a job as one of the most famous DJs in the world. They can’t stop. They won’t stop. That might be why it didn’t work.

Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough

It seems that they had some love and respect, but it wasn’t enough.

Peach Lemonade

If she’s going to make like Beyonce, she’s going to need a song about a cool beverage on a hot day, and peach lemonade does sound juicy, doesn’t it?

He Didn’t Like it, And Didn’t Put A Ring On It

Another one to follow up with Beyonce; she wanted him to put a ring on it and give her some babies and stuff, and he wasn’t interested. Too bad, so sad for all involved.

Shaking It Off

What’s a girl left to do when a relationship ends? Shake it off, of course.

Out of Style

She said on her last album that they never go out of style, but it seems that they have done just that. She should be grateful she’s not out of style like shoulder pads in the 80s, though.

Teardrops On His DJ Booth

Either she knows he’s upset about the end, or she’s just hoping that he is. Either way, this one might be a real hit.

You Can’t Force Love

Sometimes you want it to be there and it just is not there. it’s all right, but it’s not like she can just get over it.

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