Christian Bale Backs Out of Steve Jobs Biopic

Christian Bale

It was only a week ago that news broke that Christian Bale would play the role of Apple founder Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic, and today news has broken that the actor has decided to back out of the role. It was announced by the director that Bale did not even have to audition for the role because he was so perfect for it. However, according to sources close to the actor, Bale feels he is “not right for the part.”

While it happens from time to time in Hollywood that a star will back out of a role due to scheduling conflicts or other issues, it’s not that common for two stars to back out of the same role in the same movie. However, it appears that Bale is not the first actor to go forward in his life and move on beyond this role after initially accepting it. Word in Hollywood is that Leonardio DiCaprio was also in talks to have a role in the movie, and he also walked away earlier this year.

It leads people to wonder if there’s more to it than “scheduling” conflicts and feeling “wrong” for the part. Of course, there’s always speculation of this nature when things don’t go as they were set to go on a movie. Seth Rogen, who is famous for playing hilarious roles in many movies, is slated to play Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, and he’s yet to back out of the project. The Danny Boyle film is one that has been in talks for quite some time, and it appears that unless the film finds a new actor soon, it might not happen as quickly as they’d like. However, there are certainly plenty of men to choose from to play the part of Steve Jobs.

Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

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