Did You Know ‘American Hustle’ Was the Fourth Time Christian Bale Gained or Lost More Than 30 lbs for a Role?

2013 Variety Screening Presents: "American Hustle"

Christian Bale first hit the movie scene big in 2000 when he portrayed Patrick Bateman in the deranged film ‘American Psycho’. Bale horrified people across America as Bateman, but we would be remiss if we didn’t say that he also turned some heads with his chiseled physique. If it wasn’t for Bale’s role in the latest ‘Batman’ films that chiseled physique could be a forgotten asset in Hollywood.

Christian Bale is one of the masters of transforming his body in Hollywood. Believe it or not, Bale has gained or lost more than 30 lbs for a role four times over the past several years. What’s most fascinating about that is that Bale isn’t a big guy. Patrick Bateman losing 20-30 lbs is a scary proposition seeing the guy had like 5% body fat. Nonetheless, Bale has done it masterfully.

In ‘American Hustle’, Bale gained 30 lbs for his role. He also added a nice comb over. This wasn’t even his best work…

Here are the other three movies….

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Premiere Of 'The Machinist'

The Machinist – 2004

For this film Bale lost a whopping 63 lbs. That is nothing short of incredible. You can see Bale and his nauseating figure by click this link.

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Premiere Of "Rescue Dawn"

Rescue Dawn – 2006

For this film Bale lost another astounding amount of weight. Bale dropped 55 lbs to play Dieter Dengler in this Werner Herzog film. To read about Bale’s experience with ‘Rescue Dawn’ hit this link.

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Premiere Of Paramount Pictures' "The Fighter" - Arrivals

The Fighter – 2010

In one of Bale’s best performances as an actor, he dropped a cool 30 lbs to play Dicky Eklund. The 30 lbs must have been a breeze for Bale. Great movie.

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