Craig Ferguson Announces Retirement from Late Night

Seems like right now is the ideal time to retire for all the late night show hosts that have existed thus far. First Leno, Letterman, and Handler. Now we have Craig Ferguson to add to the mix. Seems the late night host has had fading ratings since his new competition arrived, and he thinks his ten year run is enough. Like in all the other examples, the split seems to be amicable, with Ferguson adding: We are not divorcing. We are voluntarily uncoupling.

All is not lost for Craig Ferguson, as he will go on to host The Celebrity Name Game. A game show set to run in syndication. And don’t weep for him, syndication gigs are good money. May not be quite s illustrious, but it will also inevitably be less exhausting for him, too.

I, for one, liked Craig Ferguson. His show often felt like we were just watching him do his thing. It didn’t always feel as tightly put together as some of the other late night shows, but that was its charm. It was the little guy who swung away for a decade, and for that reason, he kept his footing. So question is, who will the network be replacing him with. Well, honestly, I am honored to say I am one of the contenders. They like my charm and wit. Sorry, that is a lie. I haven’t taken my meds yet today.

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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