Elena Gant: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Elena Gant was born in Russia and traveled to the US for a little people convention. Gant is most known for her role on Little Women: LA, in 2014. The show is similar to other reality TV shows that follow people’s lives, except this is a show that follows women who happen to be little people and living in LA, simply just living their lives. These types of reality TV shows like to get women with a variety of personality traits that will make for a good show. They like to see women who are funny, sexy, feisty, and not afraid to show emotion. Elena Gant had all the qualities the show was looking for and people instantly liked her character and personality. All of the women fit the expectations of the show, in terms of reality show-producing entertainment. The show captures the women getting along, along with episodes of fights and arguments between the cast. Even if you think you know Gant well, here are 10 things you probably don’t know about Elena Gant.

1. She’s a married woman

Gant is a married woman, and much to people’s surprise, Gant is not married to another little person. Many little people will tend to gravitate towards other little people when they are ready to settle down. Gant, however, did not only fall in love with a man who is not a little person, but he is over six-feet tall. Joe Preston and Gant married within 6 months after starting to date and have been married over 3 years now.

2. Double trouble

Gant and her husband Joe Preston announced they were pregnant. Gant said she was shocked to learn at an ultrasound appointment, that they were having fraternal twins instead of just a single baby. Although it made Gant a little nervous being that she is a little person, and pregnancies can be hard on the body, especially two, but decided they would just go with it and take it one day at a time. They announced the gender of the babies at a gender announcement party. The sexes were revealed when a lot of blue silly string was dispensed in the room.

3. Has not been back to Russia

When Gant came to the states, originally it was just to be a part of a little person convention. When she got here, however, she discovered that she loved the United States and wanted to make the US her permanent home. Gant’s entire family still lives in Russia and although Gant has been in the US for a few years now, she has not been back to Russia at all to see her family.

4. Pursuing a different career

Although she enjoys acting and being on television and does have the desire to be in movies, Gant is also interested in graphic design and planning to pursue that avenue as well. She has already made an appearance on a few television shows, including Arsenio Hall, Tosh O., and Glee. She has said that she would rather be a famous actor than a realty TV star, and with her beautiful looks and great personality, chances are we will probably see her in film sometime.

5. First contacts in the US

When Elena was sixteen years old, she started communicating with other little people in the United States. It took years from that point to be able to finally make it to the US, but she finally did and it was to attend a little people conference, which lead to her decision to make LA her permanent home.

6. Her mother comes to visit

Despite the fact that Elena has not returned to Russia since her move to the US, she has said that her mother does visit often and the other way they communicate is through Skype. I would imagine that now that her mother is a grandma, she wouldn’t be able to stay away too long from Elena and Preston’s boys.

7. Does impersonation

Acting isn’t the only thing Gant can do. She is also known for doing impersonations. One impersonation act Gant was involved with was a show called, “Little Britney,” which was an impersonation of Britney Spears. The show was put to a halt when the owner of Beacher’s Madhouse, Jeff Beacher, whome Gant had does these impersonation shows for in the past, threatened a law suit, saying that he owned the rights to that show and insisted there be a cease and desist immediately.

8. What Gant makes doing these impersonations

The impersonation shows are typically a big hit. There are several that Gant does, including “Little Katy Perry,” and each show she will get about $310 for her performance. That may not seem bad, but when you think about that Britney Spears brings in about $310,000 per show, now that’s a big difference.

9. Her friends may be dissing her

Gant had her babies and is now ready to get out have some fun with her friends. The only thing is that none of her friends from the show seem too interested in getting together with Gant. It has been said that Terra’s recent success on the Dancing With the Stars, show, may have something to do with it.

10. Her twin boys’ names

Gant and Preston’s sons are not identical, but fraternal twins and they are both incredibly beautiful. The couple announced the names they chose for the boys and they are: Xavier and Kairo; two gorgeous names for gorgeous babies.

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