What To Expect in This Season’s Vanderpump Rules

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On the brink of entering its 4th season, Vanderpump Rules promises to be entertaining and full of all sorts of workplace drama. Over the last three seasons, the show has taken viewers on a wild ride of what it’s like to work at Beverly Hills housewife, Lisa Vanderpump’s, West Hollywood restaurant, SUR. The show offers something different from most reality shows, and anyone who has ever had a job can relate to what it’s like to be dealing with issues at work and with co-workers. If you’ve never seen the show before, you will definitely want to tune in for the upcoming season. Here are 10 things to expect in this season’s Vanderpump Rules.

Tom will propose

Tom Schwartz and his long-time girlfriend, Katie Maloney, hit a bit of a breaking point last year when Katie gave Tom an ultimatum. After years of being together, Katie was ready to take things to the next level, but Tom claimed that he wasn’t ready to settle down. Well, it looks like he’s finally ready. During the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules, viewers will be able to see Tom finally make his long-awaited proposal.

Lisa Vanderpump will have to keep everyone in check

If you haven’t already guessed, the employees at SUR can get a little out of hand from time to time. While Lisa Vanderpump tries to give them as much freedom as possible, sometimes she has to step in and remind them who’s in charge. This season, Vanderpump will definitely have to rule, because the cast is going to be rowdier than ever.

Someone will get fired

This one hasn’t been confirmed, but with all the drama lined up for this season, there’s a good chance someone from the staff will be getting the boot. Sure, working at SUR looks like a good time, but it’s still a workplace, and there’s only so much that can go on before someone crosses that line. Plus, with the rumors of Stassi being fired after last season, it’s clear that no one is safe. However, unlike other jobs, getting fired from SUR actually means getting fired twice, because once you’re out of the restaurant, there’s a pretty good chance you’re off the show.

The reality of Scheana’s married life will set in

Scheana is no stranger to drama. Even before gaining popularity from Vanderpump Rules, viewers may remember Scheana for appearing in a few episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where she and Brandi Glanville had several confrontations in regards to Brandi’s ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, with whom Scheana had an affair. Well, now that Scheana is married to a man of her very own, she’s about to watch the reality of married life set in during season four. Apparently, her husband, Michael Shay, has a bit of a drinking problem that seems to be getting in the way.

There will be a new girl

What’s a new season without a new cast member? Season four of Vanderpump Rules will welcome a ‘new girl’ named Lala. Her presence on the show will undoubtably shake things up, and it looks like some of the employees at SUR won’t be very fond of her. Well, unfortunately for the rest of the employees, Lala doesn’t care what anybody thinks about her.

Relationships will end

Well, with the arrival of Lala, there will also be some other changes. According to sources, Kirsten and James will end their relationship, and there’s even some speculation that James has been sleeping with Lala behind Kirsten’s back. Yikes. What ever happened to no romantic relationships at work?!

Stassi will be back

At the end of season three, many believed that Stassi would not be returning to Vanderpump Rules, but it looks like she’ll be back – and better than ever. Although Stassi and Vanderpump have had some issues in the past, Stassi has become a fan favorite whose presence on the show has become somewhat of a necessity. There’s no telling what she’ll be up to this season, but it’s likely she’ll be up to no good.

Jax will find himself in trouble

Jax Taylor is one of the most popular cast members on the show, and that’s probably because he’s quite the character. Well, as you probably already know, Taylor has a bit of a rocky past, and it looks like his dark days aren’t over just yet. According to sources, Jax will get arrested (again) during season four, and as you can imagine, Lisa Vanderpump isn’t too happy about it.

The truth about James may be revealed

Infidelity and reality TV go hand in hand. Lately, it doesn’t seem like there’s been a single reality show in which someone isn’t getting cheated on, and Vanderpump Rules is no exception. Did James cheat on Kirsten? You’ll probably find out during season four, but there’s a good chance the answer is yet.

It will be the best season yet

This season will definitely bring a lot of excitement, and Lisa Vanderpump says it will be the show’s best season yet. According to Vanderpump, “This season is really intense. The stakes are so high.It’s a show where their shenanigans get carried away and they get carried away with themselves. Relationships get very intense this season; it’s an incredibly incestuous group. We have so many incredibly diverse characters. It’s tricky…I can’t reveal much, but trust me: it is a great season. It is going to be our best season yet.”

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