Five Famous Singers Who have Collapsed On Stage

meat loaf

When famed musician Meat Loaf dropped the mic at his Edmonton concert in Canada this week, it wasn’t because he was done and killed it. It was because he collapsed, falling down in the middle of his own concert. Fans were first confused and then scared as the musician simply laid on the stage not moving. The worst was running through the minds of everyone in the crowd until the singer began to sing again, feebly. The entire crowd was shocked, unsure what might be going on at the moment, and that’s when the curtain fell, the music stopped and his people rushed to help him.

The singer was taken to the hospital where he is being cared for. This is not the first time he’s collapsed during a show after suffering an asthma attack back in 2011 at a concert. Musicians often feel unhealthy and ill, and often do not cancel or reschedule their shows, so they perform unwell. This means it’s not all that uncommon for a singer to fall down in the middle of a show, and we can tell you who else did the same but managed to come out on top.

justin bieber

Justin Bieber

He’s young, he’s in shape and he seems like the last person you’d think would not be in good enough health to continue a concert. However, he fell down performing in London last year, and it was not good. He passed right out, and he had to go backstage with his people to have oxygen administered to keep him healthy again. Thankfully, he was only gone 20 minutes and he finished his set. There was no official word as to what was wrong with him, but it’s suspected that his partying went too far.

kid cudi

Kid Cudi

He raps, he acts and he does it all. However, he was unable to sign an autograph several years ago when he was in the middle of a concert. A fan asked for an autograph and he couldn’t give it. He fell down and was taken away to see a doctor. He was fine and tweeted to his fans later that day to confirm.



Rumor has it that she has only allowed herself to eat less than 900 calories per day for many years, and it caught up with her in 2009. During a concert in Bulgaria she was in the middle of singing when she fainted on the stage. Her back-up singers and dancers were close enough to her to know that she was fainting and not performing; they were able to catch her and keep her up so that she was not even on the floor at any time. She was able to continue singing and didn’t give it much thought.

alexa ray joel

Alexa Ray Joel

Billy Joel’s daughter sings, too, and she was performing at New York City venue when she fainted in 2013. She was not ill, but she managed to catch herself in the midst of a perfect storm when her heart rate and blood pressure both dropped at the same time, causing her to pass out. She was just fine, but she was taken to the hospital to be sure.

marilyn manson

Marilyn Manson

He’s a singer that has a very specific group of fans, and many of them were present in 2013 when he collapsed on stage during a concert. In Canada he was singing for his audience when he actually threw up on stage and then fainted. He ended up sick with the flu and unable to perform for a few days.


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