Five of Our Favorite Tamron Hall Tweets

Tamron Hall

We all know Tamron Hall as an envelope-pushing news correspondent for NBC and MSNBC. She’s smart, she’s articulate and she is someone who worked very hard to make a name for herself in the world of journalism. Only a few people get to make the kind of name and reputation she’s made for herself, and she’s enjoying the fact that she has the reputation that she does. She is someone who has taken a stance for what she believes, whether you agree with her or not. She’s not afraid to be herself, to say what is on her mind and to make sure her opinion is heard.

She recently made headlines when she interviewed Scott Baio on national television and called him out for his insensitivity to women and his inappropriate behavior on the internet. He was in a situation where he could not argue with her and he looked like a jerk on national television, but he continued to argue with her. She was right in every sense of the word asking him to explain himself and tell her why he says things, does things and posts things unflattering about Democratic women in the United States. Unable to provide a satisfactory answer, he was literally destroyed on national television. I don’t care much for the Democratic party myself, but even I have to agree with Tamron Hall on this one. She’s a smart woman, and we do enjoy her twitter feed.

That time a man got naked for her  Sometimes when you like a man’s shirt and he takes it off for you to have, you just smile and take it. And a selfie with said naked fella, of course.

She’s a Girly Girl When a woman spends so much time telling the news in a hard-hitting way, it’s easy to forget that she’s still a lady with feminine loves, and it’s nice to see something so real and so simple in a world where she’s so used to reporting the sad and horrible.

Her Patriotism Who doesn’t love a woman with a bit of American pride? And by a bit of it, we mean this dress.

She’s Real I’ve had that same feeling a time or two in the middle of my life.

She’s Funny Sometime you just have jokes, and Tamron Hall’s got a few jokes of her own. Who doesn’t love that about her?

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