Five of the Best Celebrity Tweets After Hillary Clinton Sealed Nomination

Hillary Clinton

Politically speaking, I don’t politically speak. I keep my opinions largely to myself as I find it tiring to discuss politics with the uninformed, the misguided and most people in humanity. For one, we all have our own beliefs and our own ideas, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Since it’s unlikely that anyone will change anyone else’s mind, it’s far better to keep it to yourself and discuss something more productive, like whether or not too much red wine gives you a headache. On that note, I’ll say that it was a historic week this week as Hillary Clinton clenched the Democratic nomination for President of the United States of America.

While I’ll not discuss my personal opinions of Hillary Clinton and the democrats, I’ll simply say that at least it isn’t Bernie Sanders on the ballot. When it was announced that Clinton is the newest Democratic nominee, many people immediately picked up their phones (assuming they ever put them down) and began tweeting about it. It was a big night for women, and social media was filled with praise for what the future holds. Social media was filled with happy women, Republicans like myself who really just want to know who we are up against and those who really decided to bypass the emotion and tweet things that made us all laugh out loud – literally.

It’s Me  Let’s be honest; this would have been amazing. And I think we could see her doing that in real life. It’s a shame she really did miss her opportunity.


There’s nothing like people who kept their mouths shut and their opinions to themselves jumping on the bandwagon when they see other people doing the same. Unless, of course, he actually likes her and really means this. Either way, though, it’s probably not something you should admit – and definitely something you should change. Strange; it does sound as though I’m getting personally political.

Aunt Viv  So, it turns out that I, too, really did like the Fresh Prince with the new Aunt Viv. Should I duck now so you’ll stop throwing things at me, or dare I say that I actually didn’t just like it. I liked it better. Old Aunt Viv, who?

Bumper Stickers Count 

Let’s be honest; the only thing that counts in anything is bumper sticker sales. I mean, look at all those honor roll kids and those stick families.

The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony

Might we expect to see Bernie Sanders on Bachelor in Paradise, now? I feel like he’d be well suited for that one. Really.


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