Five Predictions about the New Britney Spears Movie on Lifetime

Britney Spears

It was the beginning of my high school career when Britney Spears came out with her first hit song, and believe me when I tell you we were all obsessed with her. We wanted to dress like her, look like her and be her. Of course, that passed a bit when she lost her mind in 2007 and started having babies with a man we are pretty sure looked like a homeless drug dealer, and then she shaved her gorgeous hair right off her head. She was young, she was pimping herself out for the world and she was clearly not old enough or mature enough to be able to handle the kind of stress and pressure the world put on her at that age, and she suffered. She’s managed to bounce back; and she seems to be keeping herself a bit more low-key and to herself despite her hugely successful Vegas residency. Now it’s been announced that there is a Lifetime movie being released about her, and we think we know what we can expect. It will premiere sometime in 2017 with Natasha Bassett playing the successful pop singer, but what else might we expect?

Britney’s Childhood

We don’t actually know much about her as a child other than the fact that she wanted to perform, and she was part of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with a number of other famous faces. She was a young girl when she made her way into Hollywood, and we think we will see what happened behind the scenes that caused her life to pan out the way that it has.

What happened with JT

Let’s face it; the entire world wants to know what happened between Britney and Justin Timberlake. They were our dream couple for so long, and then it was just over. Then she went crazy. We think we might get to see what actually happened, and that’s so exciting for us.

How her parents affected her

We know that Britney’s parents are very involved in her life, but that they divorced when she became famous. We think that this biopic might show us a bit of the turmoil that they could have caused their daughters to enable them to become totally crazy for a while, and for one to become a teenage mother at only 16.

The breakdown

If there is anything that the world really wants to see, it’s the breakdown she suffered. It’s what caused it, what happened to her, what was going on in her mind at that time. We know she was overwhelmed and ill-equipped to handle herself at that point in her life, but we don’t know what really pushed her over the edge.

Her self-esteem

We don’t know Britney Spears, but I suspect she might have some self-esteem issues, and we will see a lot of that in this biopic. Think about it; she was just a teenager when she became famous and the world suddenly went from not knowing who she was to telling her she was too fat or too thin or not pretty enough or good enough or whatever; I imagine that has to play a huge role in the way she feels about herself. I’m willing to bet she suffers significantly from things like that; who wouldn’t? She was young and impressionable, and the world hurt her.

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