Five Reasons it Would be Bad For Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani to Get Together

Gwen Stefani

Say it isn’t so; The Voice judges Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have confirmed the rumors that have surrounded their relationship for the past few weeks and they are officially dating. It seems like a match made in, not-quite heaven. We love the concept that opposites do attract, but it’s always just a little bit questionable when it comes to people with this little in common. He’s a country singer who likes the simple life. She’s a rocker chick who likes to be a little bit more on the wild side. She has three kids, he has none; and they are both in a precarious transition in their personal lives.

Seeing as how they both just recently decided to file for divorce from their respective spouses, their decision to date and the confirmation of their new relationship also leads to some uncomfortable questions. They’ve been asked, but not really addressed. Did their relationship begin before they were separated or divorced from their spouses? Did they fall in love at work and make the decision to date and then divorce their spouses? They both announced this year that they would divorce their spouses despite the fact that everyone seemed happy before, and now they are dating? It seems suspect to most everyone, but we have no idea if they were together before their splits or if they just found solace in one another as they were going through the same thing at the same time.

As we all love them both, endlessly, it’s time to say what we’re all thinking; this does not seem like a great idea. We have a few reason we think that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani should not date, and we hope that they can prove us wrong in their newfound love for one another.

They’re Both on the Rebound

Nothing good ever comes from a rebound relationship. I mean, really. These are two people who were married for many years, living lives that were almost the exact same as the lives they are going to live with one another and it did not work the first time around. If they’re both on the prowl for someone to ease their sadness and mend their pre-divorce broken hearts, it just seems more like they’re both going to walk away from this one a bit hurt. We hope they don’t.

Let’s be honest; they announced their divorces one month apart. She announced hers in August and he in July, and now they are dating in November. Doesn’t it seem a bit coincidental?

They’re Not Even Divorced

Something very interesting to some is that neither is officially divorced. They’ve said they are getting divorced and they’ve filed the official papers, but they’re not. For me, I say once you’ve made the decision to divorce and moved on out of one another’s lives, you’re as good as single while waiting for signatures and legal paperwork to be filed. However, there are many people in the world that feel no one should be dating anyone else until their marriage is completely dissolved. Since they’re not even divorced yet, it seems as if they are moving awfully quickly in their relationship, making it public already.

They Work Together

Dating a coworker is strictly prohibited in many instances. However, Hollywood dating is a bit different. Many of the people that date their coworkers in Hollywood go on to have long relationships and even marriages (think Brad and Angelina, even though they were not really on the up and up when they began their relationship, either). It does work, but The Voice is such an amazing show, and if things don’t work out between Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, we worry that they might ruin the show. There; I said it. The world does not want their personal drama causing any television drama on this show because it’s one they love so much.

We do wonder, though, what their coworkers and the other judges think of this pairing, or if they were even aware of it before the couple decided to go public with their new relationship? We do know that Luke Bryan was shocked

She’s Done Having Kids and He Has None

One of the things that we heard nonstop over the years from both Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert when they were married is that they both really wanted kids, but couldn’t seem to get on board with that with their respective tours and jobs. Gwen recently had her third son with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, and Blake Shelton still has none. She’s also in her late 40s, so she’s probably not looking to have any more children at this point, so what is she going to do when Shelton, who is still in his late 30s, decides he wants kids and she cannot or does not want to do the same?

They’re Both in the Same Business

Here’s the deal; everyone says that their marriages don’t work out because no one can be together. Blake and Miranda both said that their marriage was in trouble because they both work in the same industry and were never together. He was touring. She was touring. They were busy. The same is true of Gwen and Gavin; both musicians both working on their careers and in the same business. How is this any different?

Granted, they do work together on their hit show, so they do get to spend some serious time together doing that, but still. When they are done filming this reality show and move on from that, what will they do as far as their relationship is concerned? All in all, we think that being in the same business doing the same thing as they were doing in their previous marriages is not the best idea for anyone involved.

Do you think that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s new relationship will work out? We hope that it does, because we are fans of both. However, we aren’t sure that it’s a great idea, so we hope that they can prove us wrong!

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