The Craziest Erika Jayne Moments on Television

Erika Jayne

Guilty pleasures are just that; and we’ve decided that Erika Jayne is one of them. She’s actually Erika Girardi, 40-something wife of a famous Los Angeles-based attorney and mother to a police officer, and she’s recently added Real Housewife to her resume. The Beverly Hills blonde bombshell moonlights as a dance and disco queen with at least 8 number one dance hits on the Billboard charts, and she is almost two completely different people. Erika Girardi is a wife and mother, outspoken woman and unafraid to speak her mind kind of trophy wife.

Erika Jayne is her inner sex-kitten and she’s good at what she does. Now that Erika Jayne makes a few appearance on the RHOBH thanks to her alter-ego’s role on the show, the ladies of Beverly Hills are getting a taste of a completely different type of woman. She’s a bit raunchy like form housewife Brandi Glanville, but in a much more elegant manner. She’s got her alter ego to hide behind when she feels the overwhelming need to be completely inappropriate, and we think that she’s causing a little bit of drama among the ladies.

They’re not quite sure what to think of her; and we think that might be because they’re all itching to let their own inner Erika Jayne out to play, but they simply do not know how. There is no denying the fact that this woman is bringing it to the table as a reality star, and she’s making veteran housewives even more uncomfortable than ever before – and we are loving every second of it.

She’s a little different than the housewives we’re used to seeing in Beverly Hills, and we like it. In fact, while some of the other housewives feel that she’s showing off some seriously crazy moments on reality television, we agree. Only, we think that her craziest moments are less about her skimpy clothing while performing and her alter ego and more just about her actual personality. Here are just a few of the craziest things that Erika Jayne has done so far on the RHOBH.

She Loves Her Body

What 40-something woman in Beverly Hills loves her body? Um, none? Even those with the most amazingly fit bodies are not happy with what they see in the mirror. Erika Jayne, however, loves her curves and her imperfections so much she actually takes the time to get naked in front of the entire crew, try on outfits that look a lot like someone quickly covered her bits and pieces with a black marker and she is not ashamed to wiggle, writhe and show it all off in her shows – and she allows Bravo to show that to her friends.

She Doesn’t Diet

Erika Jayne flat out told cameras on a recent episode that she’s not a salad and water and 6 hours of personal training kind of Beverly Hills woman. She said she’d like to be like that, but she likes food so that’s never going to happen. Those might be the craziest and most insane words ever uttered on the RHOBH.

She Embraces What People have to Say

When Kyle’s marriage was called into question and rumors surfaced that Mauricio cheated on her, she didn’t want to talk about it and she shut it down from the start. When Kim’s personal issues came to light, she didn’t want to talk about them and she shut them down. Anytime there a rumors or people say negative things about these ladies, they don’t want to talk about it because it’s ‘hurtful’ and ‘upsetting,’ and it makes them angry.

Erika Jayne? She doesn’t care. She openly admits that she’s called a gold digger about 67 times a day, and she’s okay with that. So what if her husband is 30-something years her senior and they’ve been together for approximately 2 decades? She’s not ashamed of her marriage or the age difference, and she knows she’s not a gold digger, so other people’s opinions don’t matter to her.

Gasp. Shock.

Other people’s thoughts and opinions do not matter to her. That is not something that the woman on this show know much about, because they spend the vast majority of their time worried about what other people think of them. Not Erika Jayne. She has friends she loves, a husband she loves, a son she loves, a career she loves and she says that being rich is a lot more fun than being poor, so she has a life to embrace. There’s no time to bother.

She Unabashedly Stands Up for Her Friend

While the rest of Yolanda Foster’s friends are questioning her struggle with Lyme Disease is a very reminiscent of the RHOC questioning Brooks Ayers about his alleged cancer diagnosis, Erika Jayne is not even raising an eyebrow. “I’m here to support my friend Yolanda and that is it,” she told cameras about her reasons for being where she is.

She is not ashamed of the fact that she has a total girl crush on Yolanda. In fact, she likes to say she loves her so much and that they’ve had such an amazing friendship because Yolanda is such a bad*ss  businesswoman, mother and friend. She’s not like the other housewives who fall into conversation with one another. She doesn’t question her friends; and sadly, that’s a crazy thing not to do on reality television.

She’s Raising a Kid with Morals

Hold the phone. Erika Jayne has a son who is in his early 20s…and he has a job. Not a Rob Kardashian makes appearances at clubs for a fee kind of job, either. He has a bona fide actual, real life job that puts his life on the line every single day. He’s a cop. His mother and father and have tens of millions of dollars and he has a trust fund, but they raised him to follow his heart and dreams, to work hard and to succeed. He did just that. Now talk about crazy. When was the last time we saw a reality star with a grown adult child working a job for barely more than minimum wage because he wants to?

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