Five Reasons Kocktails With Khloe Isn’t Going to Make It

Khloe Kardashian

Everyone knows that Khloe Kardashian is the sister that gets the least amount of attention, and the worst press for reasons that are completely not her fault. The press likes to torture her by saying she is not her father’s real daughter, that she is a half-sister, that she is the ugly sister; actually, she’s the sister with the best personality in that family so that makes her the best looking one of all, don’t you think? She was recently given her own talk show Kocktails with Khloe, and it looks like it might not be doing as well as people thought it might. There is a rumor that the show might not make it, and we have to wonder why it might not make it. She’s entertaining, she’s funny and she’s a Kardashian. What else is there not to love about her?

We’ve done some thinking about it, and we think that there are a few reasons that she might not be able to make it as a talk show host. If you agree, let us know. We do adore her, but there is a good chance her show will not make it, and it’s not because she is not good at what she is doing, either.

She’s a Kardashian

Listen, we don’t personally know this family so we refuse to say that they are bad people. We just don’t know them. She is a Kardashian and they do whatever it takes to stay in the limelight, to make money and to chase fame. Good for them for chasing their dreams and doing whatever it takes to get there. However, the problem is that she is a Kardashian. While this is a family that seems to turn everything to gold, they’ve been at it so long now that the world is a little tired of television being all Kardashian all the time. If it fails, it might simply be due to the fact that the world is tired of this family on television all the time.

She has doubts

Before her show even aired for the first time, she admitted that she might not be a good host, that this might not be the right job for her. When you doubt yourself, the rest of the world is not about to do anything differently. When you are confident in your job, you do it the way you want to do it, and you own it, you have a far better chance of success. When you admit that you are not even sure you’re good at it, what makes you think you will be good at it?

It’s not what people want

Another one of the biggest issues with this show is that it’s not quite what people want. The world loves a talk show host like Ellen DeGeneres who sits around her talk show stage with people who’ve done some of the most selfless and amazing things in the world, and she gives back to them. She makes dreams come true, she invites people onto the show we have never heard of, and she is real. She is the kind of person we all love to watch and we love her. She makes us feel good. Does Khloe Kardashian make you feel good or does she make you feel sad? Her show is not really about much more than gossip and drinking, which is fine. However, we think that Andy Cohen has that one covered most nights.

People are tired of Kanye

Here’s the thing about Khloe; she might not make the best relationship decisions. However, she is not the sister that makes the worse decisions. We will take her ex-husband addicted to drugs and almost dead in a brothel any day over the heinous Kanye West. This makes it entirely possible that Kim is the one with the worst taste in men in the family, and she’s rubbing off her bad choices on her sisters. What does that mean? It means that the world has grown more than a little tired of Kanye.

It’s difficult to look at Kim with the same eyes we did in the past considering she seems to care for this crazed man with the most vain, egotistical personality in the world. Even Kim seems too nice for him, too normal for him. He has some serious issues that make him seem so awful to the world, and many people will not do anything that will even remotely associate themselves with him, including watch Khloe’s show. I mean, come on; the man makes it a point to hurt Taylor Swift as often as possible. You don’t even have to like her music to know she’s a giver, a charitable person and a good friend and person; why mess with her like that?

It’s not that entertaining

At the end of the day the biggest problem for this particular talk show is that it’s not all that entertaining. We know that Khloe Kardashian worked very hard to ensure that the world would fall in love with her work and her show, and maybe some people did. However, not everyone did and the show is not getting the kind of ratings that it might need to survive. And let’s be honest; she’s already had to ban her own mother from the show. What does that tell you?

Sadly, we just don’t see this show working for so many reasons. It’s a shame, too, because Khloe seems to be the most level-headed, normal sister in the entire family other than Kendall, and we really want her to find her place in the world and make it. Hopefully, she can. Otherwise, she will find something else to take up her time and work on for the sake of her own career. But if she wants to get some ratings, she needs to invite Kanye on the show and ask him what the heck is wrong with him and his mouth, and maybe that will get people to watch.

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