Friends is Coming to Netflix on January 1


Friends fans, sit down; all 236 episodes of the hit television show will be on Netflix as of January 1. That’s right, friends (see what we did there?) the show is planning on coming to Netflix so you can get your fix (again, we are hilarious) anytime you want, without waiting on your favorite episodes to rerun on television or without finding the DVD box set somewhere.

The news was announced today, and fans of the show everywhere are beyond excited. The internet is filled with Friends memes, GIFs and everything in between. So far, none of the actual stars of the show have said anything about the incredible access to ten years worth of their work, but we assume that they’re fine with it considering they’re all likely getting handsome royalties from this.

So, just what does this new information mean for fans of Friends? It means a lot. It means fans no longer have to hunt through 10 seasons of DVDs. It means no commercials on television, and it means you have access to uncut versions that are available on Netflix.

The digital streaming company announced that the series would come to Netflix on January 1, which is just a little more than two months away. It’s likely a great day for the network to have announced this considering most people are home relaxing on January 1 after a long night of being up late and counting down to the new year. Though it’s probably safe to say that there will be a few people calling in sick for a few days afterward considering they are not going to want to leave their couches until all 10 seasons have been watched back-to-back and without any interruption whatsoever. It’s a great day for fans of the hit television show.

Photo by Warner Bros. Television/Getty Images

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