Getting to Know the Cast of Little Women LA

Cast of Lifetime's Little Women: LA

Since airing in May 2014 Lifetime’s Little Woman LA has become one of the most popular shows on the network. Starring a cast of feisty little women living in LA, the show follows their lives – through the ups and downs – and it should go without saying that things aren’t always smiles and sunshine. As with any other reality TV show, there’s plenty of drama, and these ladies don’t let their size get in the way of all of the things that they want to do. With three seasons under their belts, these ladies look like they’re here to stay – viewers couldn’t be happier. Want to know more about these awesome women? Get to know the cast of Little Women LA


Although she’s got her hands full of as a cast member on Little Women LA, Briana Manson has a lot going on outside of the show. As a singer mother, she’s fully devoted to her daughter, and she considers being a mother her full-time job. However, she also considers herself a, “singer, dancer, designer, and business entrepreneur.” Before Little Women LA, she appeared on TV on other shows such as Tosh 2.0, and like many other women on the cast, she’s also found work as a celebrity impersonator. Briana also enjoys living in the moment, and a few months ago she spontaneously married her boyfriend, Matt Ericson, after the couple eloped to Las Vegas.


Little Women LA star, Christy McGinity, is full of fun and excitement, and reality TV isn’t her first time in front of the camera. Christy is an actress who has been working in the industry for quite some time. Christy is all about being herself, and she makes no apologies for it. Aside from her career in the entertainment industry, she has also worked as a financial advisor, and like many of the other women on the show, she’s also a mother who is all about raising her children.


Joining the cast of Little Women LA in the third season, Jasmine is one of the youngest women on the show. As you can imagine, after just one season, she’s already started to shake things up. Jasmine grew up as the only little person and her family, and was not raised around many other little people. Now, being thrust into a group of little women, Jasmine realizes that making friends isn’t the easiest job in the world – especially when you’re trying to balance real life duties – like motherhood. However, being a mother hasn’t stopped Jasmine from enjoying a little bit of glam here and there – and she loves wearing designer clothes.


Little Women LA star, Terra and her husband

Terra Jole has been a cast member on Little Women LA since season one, and she’s definitely become a fan favorite. Originally from Texas, Terra moved to New York before finally ending up in California. Terra has always wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment and so far she’s been pretty lucky. Terra has gone on tour as a dancer with Miley Cyrus and she even hopes to have a music career of her own.  Although reality TV probably isn’t what she had in mind for herself, she has become a star in her own right. Now a proud mother, she’s also proving that there’s nothing little women can’t do.

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Little Women LA star Elena Gant

Born in Russia, Elena was once the youngest cast member on Little Women LA, but although she no longer holds that title – she still brings a sense of freshness to the show. Like Terra, Elena has also been working in entertainment long before Little Women LA. She has done impersonations of Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga. Aside from her work in entertainment, she’s also working to be a graphic designer, and on the show she’s quickly become popular among viewers.

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Little Women LA star Tonya Banks

In her 40s, Little Women LA cast member, Tonya Banks, may seem like a bit of an unlikely reality TV star, but she’s definitely proving that age is nothing but a number. Tonya has been working in the entertainment business since the 80s, when she began her career as a stunt woman. In more recent years, she’s also done celebrity impersonations, performing as Beyoncé, some time alongside Terra. Tonya is also a mother, whose daughter is now in her 20s, and she says that they have a great relationship and all of her daughter’s friends call her “mom.”

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Little Women LA star Brittney

New to the show in the third season, Little Women LA star, Brittney Guzmen has definitely brought an interesting flair to the show. As one of the younger cast members, Brittney –whose nickname is Freakabritt– is all about enjoying life and having a good time. Likely becoming a cast member through her friendship with Terra, Brittney has worked a professional dancer, and she seems extremely excited to be given the opportunity to be a reality TV star. Some viewers event think that she will go on to be the break-out star of Little Women LA.

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