Getting to Know the Cast of The Grinder

Rob Lowe

Who doesn’t love Rob Lowe in The Grinder? The role he plays is absolutely perfect for him, and it is impossible not to love every second he is on the television screen. He plays an actor – which is not difficult. His name in the series is Dean Sanderson, Jr. He is an actor who has spent a long time playing a very successful role on television as an attorney, and now he wants to be home. His hit show is over, he comes home to Idaho and he wants to be a family man and an attorney in real life.

He is not a lawyer in real life, but he decides that it might be a great idea to join his father’s law firm and try to practice law. His younger brother, played by Fred Savage, is not all that amused by this. He plays a real attorney and his brother only gets in his way. The part of the show that really makes us laugh is seeing how this man really does think that all the time he spent on television pretending to be an attorney is all it takes to actually make him one. The show has been a huge hit so far, and it looks like more and more people are tuning in every week to see what happens next.

Rob Lowe

He’s one of the most famous actors in the world, with a long history behind him of successful shows. He went through a period of time in the 80s when he was single, wild and living life his way and almost ruined his career with some poor personal choices. However, he made the decision to straighten up his life and make a change for the better, and that’s allowed him to spend more of his life acting, making money and living as he sees fit. He took this role in hopes that it would become the next big thing, which he would have had if he’d accepted the role of McDreamy on Grey’s Anatomy he was offered so many years ago.

Fred Savage

A child star from The Wonder Years, we haven’t seen much of him in a long time. He fizzled out in the early 90s when his hit show ended and he decided to take a step away from the camera. He ultimately decided that he would prefer to stand behind the camera and do the background work on television and movies at that point, and he made a very successful career of that for himself. However, he recently decided that now is as good a time as any to step back in front of the camera and get to work on a new project. He’s now working on this show, in front of the camera, and enjoying the fact that he is back in the spotlight and back in action.

Mary Elizabeth Ellis

She’s not one of the most famous actresses in the world, but she’s good. We know her from shows such as Perfect Couples and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and she is really making a name for herself here. A southern girl at heart, she was born and raised in Mississippi and made the decision to star on television and in the movies a bit later in life. She made her first appearance in television in 2004 and hasn’t stopped since. However, most of her roles up until this point have been minor roles, guest appearances and other small roles that have been building her resume and making her the star she is turning into today.

She is married to her Philadelphia co-star Charlie Day, and they have a son together. They wed in 2006 and their little boy was born in 2011. They are living happily together and manage to keep their private life private, which is a big deal in this industry.

William Devane

Remember a little show by the name of Knots Landing? That’s where William Devane became a household name. He’s been acting for years, since 1967. His movie career is one of the most impressive in Hollywood, allowing him to star in movies that are some of the most well-known, with some of the most famous actors in the world. William Devane has been fortunate enough to work with stars such as Tommy Lee Jones, Dustin Hoffman, Warren Beatty, Richard Gere, Kim Cattrall, Mel Gibson, Kevin Bacon, Clint Eastwood, James Garner, Elisabeth Shue, Sophia Loren and even Alfred Hitchcock. To say his career has been a very successful one is a gross understatement.

Connor Kalopsis

He’s only 12, but he’s already rich and famous. This kid is great in his role, and he is just a little star. He loves acting and he is looking to ensure that his entire career is made in Hollywood. He got his start on Days of Our Lives and has really made it big with this role. Just a kid with a dream, his parents are backing him up as he pursues his career in Hollywood. He is guaranteed at least 6 shows on this hit show, and he will likely be back for more if the show is a huge success. He’s making more money in one episode than many people make in a year, making life good for this little kid.

Hana Hayes

She is the young star of the hit show, and she’s only 16. She finds it difficult to keep a straight face while filming, too, because her co-stars are so hilarious. She’s been working in Hollywood for a while now, but she’s really not a household name. This is the show that is putting her on the map and making her famous, and she loves it. It’s her opinion that being at work with her co-stars is like being at recess every single day, all day long. They have a lot of un on set and can’t help but feel that they are enjoying their lives a little bit too much.

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