20 of Our Favorite Celebrities from Long Island

Natalie Portman

Long Island, New York is a city that takes pride in its famous sons and daughters. Many of the celebrities we’ve come to know and love call Long Island their home or were born there. It’s a hub for the rich and famous and many of the greatest actors, athletes, musicians, and other prolific professionals are products of the area. We could write volumes about the people and their accomplishments through the decades. We’ve narrowed the list down to include our twenty favorite celebrities from Long Island.

1. Judd Apatow

Judd Apatow is a famous comedian, screenwriter, producer, and director who is embraced by an up-and-coming generation of comedic actors. He founded Apatow Productions, the company responsible for delivering some of the funniest comedy films in history. His repertoire includes “Funny People” in 2009, “This is 40,” in 2012, “The 40-Year Old Virgin,” “Knocked Up,” “Trainwreck,” and most recently, “The King of Staten Island,” that released in 2020 starring Pete Davidson. Apatow also developed and produced television series such as “Girls,” “Funny or Die Presents,” “Undeclared,” “Crashing,” “Love,” and “Freaks and Geeks.” Apatow is a native son of Long Island.

2. Bruce Wolosoff

Bruce Wolosoff is an American classical pianist, composer, and educator that called Shelter island New York his home. He started his career as a rock musician, playing with various rock bands while studying classical piano at Bard College. He joined an improv group with Elliot Sharp, performing in the area. He earned an MM degree in piano performance from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, where he met Jaki Byard, who influenced his musical development. Wolosoff is a musician and an academic who rose to heights of fame for his playing and teaching abilities. Many Long Islanders would consider him a celebrity son.

3. Alec Baldwin

Actor Alec Baldwin was born in Amityville, New York on April 3, 1958. The 63-year-old actor graduated from the Tisch School of the Arts with his BFA degree. He is one of the most beloved celebrities in modern television and film. He is an actor, writer, comedian, film producer, and activist who is well-known for his comedy spoofs on former president of the United States, Donald Trump. He has appeared in many films and television series but is best known for appearances as Jack Ryan in “The Hunt for Red October” from 1990, “the Aviator,” “The Departed,” “Blue Jasmine,” “Alice,” and To Rome with Love.” He is credited with dozens of films and has also lent his voice for some voice acting.

4. Daniel Baldwin

Daniel Baldwin is a brother to Alec, and one of the most famous people to emerge from Long Island. He was born in Massapequa, New York on October 5, 1960. He is currently 61 years old. Daniel is an actor, director, and producer. He is the second oldest son in the Baldwin family, who followed in his eldest brother’s footsteps. he is best known for his role as Det. Beau Felton on the television series “Homicide: Life on the Street.” He is also known for his roles in “Grey Gardens,” “Paparazzi,” “Stealing Candy,” “Mulholland Falls,” “Vampires,” and many other films and television series. Daniel made an appearance on “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” to discuss his addiction to cocaine.

5. Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin was born in Massapequa, New York on May 12, `1966. He is one of the younger of the four Baldwin brothers in the acting profession. Stephen is currently 55 years old. He is an actor, film producer, director, and activist. Unlike his brother Alec, who is a democrat, Stephen subscribes to the Republican political party. He is best known for his appearance on “Born on the Fourth of July” which was released in 1989. He also appeared in “8 Seconds,” “The Usual Suspects,” “The Young Riders,” “Posse,” “Threesome,” “Bio-Dome,” and “The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas” in 2000. he also appeared as himself in “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Celebrity Big Brother 7.” Stephen is the youngest of the four Baldwin brothers.

6. William Baldwin

William Baldwin was born on February 21, 1963. He is currently 58 years old. He was born in Massapequa, New York, and attended Binghamton University. He earned fame as an actor, writer, and producer. William is married to Chynna Phillips. He is best known for his appearances in “Flatliners” in 1990, and “Backdraft” in 1991, starring actor Kurt Russell. He went on to appear in numerous popular films including “Sliver,” “Virus,” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” making a cameo as himself.

7. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is another famous actress from Long Island. She was born in New York City on July 2, 1986, and is currently 35 years old. Lindsay has lived in Long Island off and on throughout her life. She is famous as an actress, singer, songwriter,s producer, television personality, and entrepreneur. Lohan released music in the rock, pop, and dance-pop genres through Republic, Casablanca, and Universal Motown labels. She launched her career at the age of three, signing to Ford Models. By the time she was just s10 years old, she landed a gig on the soap opera “Another World.” Her big break came when she was cast in the starring role of the Disney film “The Parent Trap” in 1998. Lohan went on to appear in more film offers including “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen,” “Freaky Friday,” “Get a Clue” and “Life-Size.” She was a child star who maintained superstar status through her teenage years appearing in a role in “Mean Girls” in 2004. Her fame rose even more after appearing in “Herbie: Fully Loaded” in 2005. Lohan has appeared in numerous films since she became famous, but her fame also brought negative consequences, resulting in the need for rehab and numerous legal scrapes. She is also a successful entrepreneur with many resorts and nightclubs opened in Greece.

8. Howard Stern

Howard Stern is one of the most famous radio personalities from long island. He was born in New York City on January 12, 1954, and is currently 68 years old. Stern attended Boston University, earning his BA degree. He became a television and radio personality with his controversial broadcasts. Stern is also an actor-comedian, author, and producer. He maintains a broadcast on Sirius XM Satellite Radio that has been on the air since 2006. Stern is best known for his radio show “The Howard Stern Show,” a nationally syndicated talk show. He also appeared as a judge on “America’s Got Talent.” His photography has been featured on WHIRL magazine and in Hamptons. Stern is known for his hard-hitting demeanor and brutal realism, making him notorious at times.

9. Criss Angel

Long Island.com reveals that illusionist and magician Criss Angel is also a son of Long Island. he was born Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos. He adopted the stage name, Criss Angel. He has thrilled audiences for several decades with his mind-bending illusions. Angle attended the East Meadow High School in Long Island and has made his community proud by becoming one of the most famous illusionists in the modern world of entertainment. He has appeared in many television shows and performs regularly at the Luxor in Las Vegas. Angel stays as busy as he wants to be these days.

10. Pat Benetar

Rocker Pat Benetar is a Long Island native. The native New Yorker was born in Brooklyn and grew up in Lindenhurst, on Long Island. She is one of the most famous singers from the area, earning numerous Grammy Awards for her performances. Her most notable hit songs are “Love Is a Battlefield,” “Hit Me with Your Best Shot,” and “We Belong.”

11. Craig Biggio

Craig Biggio is a name that most sports fans readily recognize. He is a Long-Island native who carved out a successful career as a professional baseball player. He is known for his twenty-year span as a player for the Houston Astros. He amassed an incredible 3,060 hits, winning 4 Gold Gloves and five Silver Slugger awards. Before fame, he attended and graduated from Kings Parks High School.

12. Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi is another Long Island native with a notable career in entertainment. We’ve seen him in many movies throughout the years. Buscemi is best known these days for his role in HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.” He also appeared as Randel in “Monster’s Inc., as well as in numerous comedies and adventure films. Another notable role for Steve was in the hit drama “Fargo,” as one of the bad guys that ended up in a wood chipper. he graduated from Valley Stream and is one of the sons of Long Island they’re proud of.

13. Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole is a name that we see every time we go shopping at high-fashion stores. He is a world-famous clothing designer, born and raised in Great Neck. He attended the Great Neck North high school and moved on to become one of the most celebrated fashion designers from the United States.

14. John Michael Crichton

John Michael Crichton was also a native of Long Island. Although he was born in Chicago, his family moved to Long Island in Roslyn, where he grew up. he went on to become a physician turned screenwriter, and best-selling novelist. His novels were adapted for film. He produced and directed “Jurassic Park,” and “Congo. He was one of Long Island’s most famous and beloved sons.

15. Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola may have been one of the most beloved celebrity personalities to emerge from long island. He graduated from Great Neck North High School and went on to become a prolific filmmaker. He is best known for “The Outsiders,” and “The Godfather” film franchise.

16. Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal has kept us entertained for decades. He is a famous actor, comedian, producer, writer, and comedian. He grew up in Long Beach, graduating from the local high school there. After finishing high school, Billy went on to study at Nassau Community College, then transferred to the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. Some of his most notable works include “When Harrys Met Sally,” as well as his appearances in many other films, such as “Analyze This,” with Robert DiNiro. He is also well-known for his role in “City Slickers.” Crystal has also hosted the Academy Awards on nine occasions. He is also a beloved philanthropist who donates millions to help others in need.

17. Tony Danza

Tony Danza earned his fame as a heartthrob when he appeared in the television shows “Who’s the Boss,” and “Taxi.” He also appeared as a talk show host in his show “The Tony Danza Show.” Danza is a veteran actor, but he is also an educator. He combined his talents when he used his academic degree to teach for a reality show for one year. He is also the author of a book about teaching. He attended high school at Malverne High School graduating in 1969. He attended the University of Dubuque in Iowa, earning his bachelor’s degree. USA Today honored him at its National Make a Difference Day Awards because of his philanthropy and commitment to helping others in need. He is at home today in New York City.

18. Natalie Portman

Ranker shares that Natalie Portman was born in the country of Israel, but her family moved to the United States. She enjoys dual citizenship in both countries. She grew up in the Jerico section of Long Island which qualifies her as a native daughter. Her birth name is Neta-Lee Hershlag, but she adopted Natalie Portman as her professional name. She has earned two Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award. She is best known for her role as Padme Amidala in the “Star Wars” franchise.

19. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey was born on Long Island on March 27, 1970. She is one of the most famous singers, in the country. Carey is also a songwriter, actress, record producer, and entrepreneur with many successful companies. She has an incredible vocal range of five octaves and has entertained the world with her music for several decades. She was signed to the Columbia Records labels topping charts for years with her hit tunes. She has also made numerous cameo appearances in popular films and television shows.

20. Eddie Murphy

We saved the best for last. Eddie Murphy grew up in Brooklyn, but he relocated to Long Island’s Roosevelt Country, where he lived with his mom and step-dad. Murphy was born on April 3, 1961. he is best known for his comedic roles in “Dr. Doolittle” and “The Nutty Professor” films. He is an award-winning actor and comedian who made it big on Comedy Central for being among the greatest stand-up comics of all time.

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