J.K. Rowling is Producing a Harry Potter Play in London

JK Rowling Receives The Freedom Of The City Of London

I can’t even pretend this is not the most amazing news ever. J.K Rowling is producing a Harry Potter play. Honestly, she is. Think of all the Harry Potter fans who had sadly accepted that they had gotten everything out of that universe they could. Now, we get the amazing news that there will be a Harry Potter play, and that J.K Rowling is the one making it happen. Man, this is even better than when I found out my patronus was Mr. T.

AS E Online reported, the play is set to focus on the third of Harry Potter’s life that took place BEFORE we met him. In other words, what it was like for Harry Potter at the orphanage. What it was like for Harry Potter to slowly discover there was something special about him. What it was like to help form Harry into the Harry Potter we knew and loved. So the play will be a prequel, and will playing in London. Oh, so there’s the bad news. I need to get a ticket to London. Only bad news because I am poor.

Let’s also not forget, Rowling is also set to start working on a new movie about the creatures in Harry’s world in 2013. So looks like Harry potter fans have something to rejoice about. Our time with him is far from over.

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

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