Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander Were Spotted at Tom’s Restaurant

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So imagine this. You are in New York sight-seeing as a tourist. You decided to swing by Tom’s restaurant because you are such a huge fan of Seinfeld. Low and behold, on the way, you find out that Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander were spotted at Tom’s restaurant. The same spot they frequented as friends on Seinfeld. You rush over there, look in the window, and see Jerry and George Costanza, eating with Larry David. Pretty sure that would blow a mind. Thing is, it is exactly what happened to many people this weekend when this exact scenario played out.

No one even knows why they were there, or what they were doing. Some people speculate it may be an episode of Comedians In Cars, Getting Coffee, but if that was the case, where were the cars and where was the coffee? Realistically, many seem to think that the reason Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander were spotted at Tom’s Restaurant is because they may have been actually filming a Super Bowl commercial. Again, this is all purely speculation on the media’s part. I kind of hope they were there talking about nothing in the funniest way possible and setting up a Seinfeld Reunion.

So why do you think Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander were spotted at Tom Restaurant? Take to the comments and give us your theories.

(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

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