Kanye West To Make Shorter Albums

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Few can argue that Kanye West is a super star in every sense of the word. From fashion to romance to how he performs and records, the man just likes to go big. Seems that even Kanye feels Kanye may need to take a bit of a breather. Don’t worry, he is not retiring. I wouldn’t expect that of him anytime soon if I were you. But he does have some plans for his music. Mainly, Kanye West wants to make shorter albums.

West recently told Entertainment Weekly that he plans on his next album being eight songs in length. Maybe all this fame and attention is getting to Kanye West? Maybe the idea that he is realizing he will not always be able to come up with albums that have 32 perfect songs on them? Maybe this is that moment we have all been waiting for? You know, When Kanye West becomes self-aware and humble?

Hey. weirder things have happened.

Truthfully, we don’t think it has anything to do with that. In this case, Kanye West saying he wants to make shorter records with less songs simply means just that. Kanye West to make shorter albums.

Pretty straight forward, actually.

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