Kelly Bensimon: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Kelly Bensimon was born May 1, 1968 and is best known for being a socialite, an author and the former editor of Elle Accessories. She is also a former model. Bensimon was a permanent cast member on the show, The Real Housewives of New York City during seasons 2 to season 4 and has been creating a name for herself in many areas, from her time spent on television to her books, her modeling days, and fashion and fitness. She’s also found herself in the tabloids for, not-so-becoming, reasons. Kelly Bensimon is a beautiful woman who has accomplished a lot in her 40-plus years. If you are an avid fan of, The Real Housewives, and have been following the New York series, you probably know who this model and fashion and fitness icon is, but here are 10 things you probably don’t know about Kelly Bensimon.

1. Her beginning

Kelly Bensimon started modeling in her teens. She did not pursue it full time, but went to college to earn her degree, which she did, between Trinity College, Connecticut, followed by Columbia University, where she took General Studies and got her degree in Literature and Writing. She has since then, started working on completing her MBA, with a focus on International Marketing. It was after college that she began focusing more on her modeling career and began to appear in magazines.

2. Fitness guru

Kelly is a huge fan of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. Working out is just part of who she is – a big part. On the show, Real Housewives of New York, she is often filmed working out. She loves to run and has even appeared on the cover of Shape and discussed her weight loss battles and exercise routines with the magazine in an interview with them. Bensimon is also the author of her own diet and exercise book, I Can Make You Hot, which she wrote for women after struggling with her own weight issues and battling the battle of what, and what not to eat.

3. Modeled for Playboy, Elle and Cosmopolitan

Bensimon has appeared in and on the cover of some of the biggest names of magazines on the stands, including Elle, Cosmopolitan, and one of the biggest being, Playboy, which she had a six-page pictorial that was published in the March 2010 edition of the famous magazine. For the Playboy pictorial shoot, she was photographed by her ex-husband Gilles Bensimon in August 2009.

4. Has a jewelry line

Bensimon has her own jewelry line which she launched on May 19, 2016. It is called Kelly Killoren by Kelly Killoren Bensimon. She has since launched several lines, however, the first line was uniquely made with fishing lures and it was sold exclusively at Barney’s New York. The second line she launched was carried and sold at Bloomingdale’s and subsequently in June of 2010, Killoren Bensimon announced the launch of her fourth jewelry collection, Kelly by Kelly Killoren Bensimon. For the fourth collection, Bensimon used a mix of crystals, and array of metals, leather, and feathers to create her line. They were sold at Intermix stores across the U.S., and the proceeds were used to support the Feeding America, org.

5. Married her fashion photographer

Bensimon married a famous French fashion photographer, Gilles Bensimon. She was his third wife. They were married until 2007 when they divorced. They have two daughters together, Sea Louise who was born in 1998, and Thaddeus Ann (Teddy), who was born in 2000. After the divorce she started dating Alejandro Lorenzo in 2014 and eventually they became engaged. Her relationship with Lorenzo has been in the tabloids due to a lawsuit that was filed by Lorenzo, against Bensimon for assault.

6. Had nervous breakdown

At a RHONY, a story broke that Bensimon had a breakdown of sorts, after an altercation with another cast member. Her mental health was in question and she did end up leaving the show shortly after. She later said that the network, BRAVO, exploited mental health and she apologized to her fan base for the situation. In her personally taped video from home with her daughters, Bensimon said that she is not crazy, but all she could do now was be the best version of herself that she could be. Many fans made comments about the video after seeing it posted online, that Bensimon should not have had her daughters around her and that something seemed ‘off’ about the model and realty star.

7. Who she didn’t get along with on Real Housewives

Bensimon has gotten into quite a bit of hot water over time, with her temper and feistiness. The show, Real Housewives is supposed to be all about drama, but apparently Bensimon took it too far during a reunion episode with her cast mates. She had an altercation with Bethenny Frankel, who was pregnant at the time. The altercation apparently was so unnerving for some cast members, that they locked their doors. This caused the network to take measures into their own hands and they removed Bensimon from the island.

8. Has two daughters

Sea Louise, born in 1998, and Thaddeus Ann, born in 2000. Bensimon is raising her daughters alone now and has thanked different people in her life that have put her in the financial position to be able to do this. She has talked in the past, about her struggles with post partum depression that she suffered after the birth of her first born. She suffered with severe anxiety for two years, until she became pregnant with her second daughter. She claims that her anxiety levels were so high, she could not drive, or even handle being alone.

9. Was charged in boyfriend’s beating

Nick Stefanov, Bensimon’s beau after her divorce, went to the police department with a black eye and bloody lip and claimed that it came from his fiancé, Kelly Bensimon, saying that he received a wife beating. He filed charges. She has said that while at a hotel, an argument ensued that just escalated and escalated.

10. Has multiple books published

Bensimon is the author of multiple books. Her published works include, In the Spirt of the Hamptons, American Style, The Bikini Book, and her novel, Dangerous Age. With her degree in writing, it is highly likely that there will be more books to come from the author.



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