Padma Lakshmi’s Men: Learning More about Teddy Forstmann and Adam Dell

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In case you haven’t been following Padma Lakshmi in the past couple of days, her newly released memoir Love, Loss, and What we Are holds nothing back when it comes to her past relationships.  In fact, Padma even mentions that back in 2009 she was dating two men at the same time and when she found out she was pregnant with her daughter, she didn’t know who the father was.  So who are these two guys?  One of them is Teddy Forstmann and the other is Adam Dell.  P.S. it was later confirmed that Adam Dell was the father.  Let’s dive into these two gentlemen shall we?

Teddy Forstmann


Forstmann is a billionaire.  Yup, billionaire.  He’s a graduate of Yale University, is a native of Connecticut and founded a private equity fund by the name of Forstmann Little back in the 1970s.  His net worth was an estimated $1.8 billion before he tragically died from a battle with brain cancer in 2011. Prior to his relationship with Padma, he had been linked to Elizabeth Hurley and Princess Diana. He never married, but does have two sons, Everest and Siya, whom he adopted after meeting them at an orphanage in South Africa.

Adam Dell

Adam Dell

Dell, 46, is a venture capitalist who works for the firm Austin Ventures. Dell graduated from Tulane University before starting his professional career. His brother, Michael Dell, is the founder of a little company known as Dell Computers. In addition to his work at Austin Ventures, he is also a visiting professor at the law school where he studied. And while things were a once tense between Adam and Padma following the news of her pregnancy, she says that they are on much better terms now. “We certainly get the badge for Most Improved,” Padma said.

One thing is for certain. While Padma doesn’t openly admit this about the man choices in her life, one thing is for sure: these guys are never short on cash.

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