Kim Kardashian Wiki Tidbits That are Inevitable In the Next Decade

Kim Kardashian On The Red Carpet In New York City

There was once a time when Kim Kardashian’s wiki page was skimpy to say the least. But these days, the 34-year-old socialite turned superstar is one of the most well-known celebrities in the world. In just a little over a decade, Kim K has become a household name, and while she’s earned almost as many haters as she has fans it’s hard to ignore the fact that she’s everywhere. With that being said, Kim Kardashian wiki facts seem to be growing by the day, and there’s no telling what will get added to the list as time goes on. But over the next several years, as she slowly transitions from famous hot girl to busy mother, there’s no denying the Kim K everyone knows will be undergoing some changes. Here are some Kim Kardashian wiki tidbits that are inevitable in the next decade.

There will be a huge family fall out

The Kardashians may seem like an extremely close-knit family, but under the surface it always seems like they’re just one argument from falling apart. While it seems like the bond between Kim and her Kardashian sisters is unbreakable, it seems like there will eventually be a big family fall out. If the present is any indication of the future, there’s a good chance Rob Kardashian will be at the center of everything. Plus, if Kylie Jenner keeps going down the same path she’s on, there’s a good chance it’ll cause a rift between her and the rest of the family. There’s only so many times they can defend her obnoxious behavior.

She’ll have an acting career

If you look up Kim Kardashian on wiki, you’ll see that she has already made several on-screen appearances, but surprisingly, she’s yet to really embark on a serious acting career. Over the next decade, there’s a good chance there will be several new Kim Kardashian wiki facts that are acting credits in both TV or film. Whether people want to accept it or not, Kim Kardashian is definitely starting to become a more serious presence in the entertainment world.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians will be cancelled

After premiering in 2007, Keeping Up with the Kardashians quickly became one of the most popular reality TV shows on the air. However, at this point many viewers are wondering how many seasons the show could possibly have left. As each member of the Kardashian family starts to do their own thing, it seems less and less sensible that the family will be able to come together for the show. In 10 years, a quick look at Kim Kardashian’s wiki page will likely show that KUWTK has been cancelled.

She will have her own reality show

What would be better to add to the list of Kim Kardashian wiki facts than her very own reality show? While there’s a good chance that KUWTK won’t last another 10 years, there’s also a good chance that Kim Kardashian will be given her own reality show. After all, everybody knows that she’s the true star of the family, and there’s plenty of people who would tune in every week to see what’s new in her life.

She’ll have another kid

Pregnant with her second child, Kim Kardashian is already close to adding mother of two to her wiki page. However, within the next decade, Kim K will probably add at least another child to her roster. Although she  was once well-known for being a little on the raunchy side, these days it seems like she is certainly trying to clean up her act, and being a good mother seems at the top of her priority list.

Kimye will split

Since they got together, lots of people have been saying that Kim and Kanye’s relationship would eventually fall apart. While they do seem happy, chances are they will probably split. Let’s face it, neither of them have a good relationship track record, and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before one of them gets sick of the other. Sadly, Kim Kardashian will probably be joining the long list of celebrities whose wiki page has a divorce date.

Her net worth will double 

As of right now, Kim K is worth about $85 million. However, over the next ten years her net worth with certainly continue to rise. With all of the business ventures she has going including mobile apps, she’s definitely doing what she can to build her brand and maximize her wealth. If she continues down this path, Kim K might just be able to double her net worth.

She’ll get married again

Sorry to all the Kimye fans out there, but 10 years is a very long time, and if Kim and Kanye don’t last she will probably get married again. Kim has never been one to stay single for too long, and she’ll definitely want somebody on her arm. Since she’s already on her third husband, it’s important that if she does decide to marry for a fourth time, she choses very wisely. By the time little Norie is able to look up Kim Kardashian on wiki, she’ll probably have a whole lot of questions about her mother’s past.

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