Why You Should Never Ever Feel Bad for Scott Disick

Scott Disick at the Miss Universe pageant

Since beginning his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian in 2006, Scott Disick has become one of the most interesting members of the Kardashian/Jenner Clan. Disick, who was completely unheard of in the pop culture world before beginning his relationship with Kourtney, was thrust into the spotlight, and has become a member of the popular reality TV series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. However, recently, it looks like Scott and Courtney’s on again-off again relationship is finally off for good, and apparently everyone has gotten the memo except for Scott Disick. But while he tries to weasel his way back into Kourtney’s, many fans are reminded of all of the ridiculous things he’s done. Here are 10 reasons why you should never ever feel bad for Scott Disick.

He’s always been rude to Kourtney

When Scott Disick first joined the cast of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, many fans weren’t very fond of him. After all, if you’re watching that show, it’s probably because you love the Kardashians, so saying mean things to Kourtney certainly isn’t the way to win over any viewers. Well, over the years, Scott has proven that he has absolutely no problem saying what ever he wants to Kourtney.

He drinks too much

Over the last few years, it has become very clear that Scott Disick has a very serious drinking problem. Scott’s inability to put the bottle down trickled into his relationship and became part of the reason that he and Kourtney’s relationship was constantly on the rocks. Earlier this year, the media began reporting that Disick had entered rehab, but upon his release he quickly returned to drinking. Although he said that he’ll do all that it takes to work things out with Kourtney, it was clear that he wasn’t taking things as seriously as he should have. It’s pretty hard to feel bad for someone who’s always setting themselves up.

He’s gotten a reputation for insulting people

Let’s face it, Scott Disick’s sense of humor is the thing that makes people love and hate him at the same time. Although he’s had some pretty snappy one liners, now that he’s taken things a little too far, it’s kind of hard to feel bad for him. After all, it always seemed like he was one stupid comment away from losing Kourtney, and it didn’t seem like he really cared until it was too late.

He’s already seeing someone else

After almost 10 years together, and three children, you’d think that the end of Scott and Kourtney’s relationship wouldn’t be something easy to move on from. However, a few months ago, Scott Disick was photographed in France getting a little touchy with stylist Chloe Bartoli. Apparently, Kourtney was back home taking care of her and Scott’s kids while he was coping a few feels. Well he may have been feeling good at first, but you’d think he’d be a little more sensitive to the fact that the pictures would eventually make their way back to Kourtney and the rest of her family.

He’s a leach

Sure, Scott Disick had money long before he linked up with Kourtney, but without her and her Kardashian connections, there’s no way he would have ever had fame. There’s no doubt that Scott Disick has definitely taken advantage of all the connections that he’s gotten thanks to Kourtney. You’d think he would know better than to mess up a good thing, but it seems like he doesn’t really care about anything.

He parties way too much

Partying too hard definitely has some negative consequences, but that didn’t seem to cross Scott Disick’s mind when he was out at all of the hottest clubs until all hours of the morning. Like many celebrities, Disick uses club appearances as an excuse to say he was ‘working,’ but it looks like he wasn’t working hard enough to make sure his relationship was going strong.

He has anger issues

Scott Disick is definitely an angry person. If you’ve seen him in action you know that he has a pretty hard time controlling his temper, and he’s been known to explode over the smallest thing. Let’s be real, there’s only so many times you can yell at someone before they’ve had enough of you.

He didn’t take his relationship seriously

Although there’s no denying the fact that Scott loves Kourtney, it’s very clear that he didn’t take their relationship very seriously. It seemed like he always thought that things would get back on track no matter what he did, and as a result, he dug himself a pretty deep grave. Although Kourtney gave him multiple opportunities to get things right, he didn’t take advantage of them – and now look where he is.

Rumor has it that he’s planning a tell-all book…with Lamar Odom

Not much needs to be said about this, but one thing is for sure. If Scott Disick and Lamar Odom team up to write a tell-all book, they will officially permanently place themselves on the scum bag list.

He’s delusional 

It’s always hard to feel bad for someone who’s out of touch with reality, and Scott Disick is definitely one of those people. The fact that he actually refers to himself as Lord Disick just proves that he could use a refresher on what it’s like to live in the real world. Sadly for him, all of his money and fake royal titles probably won’t be enough to put him back in Kourtney’s good graces.

(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

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