Did you Know that Tara Wallace Manages a Restaurant?

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Tara Wallace is a reality television star from the show Love and Hip Hop. She’s been on television a while with cameras following her every move and her life from start to finish. This means that those who watch the show know more about her than they ever thought possible. It’s impossible not to learn a lot about someone when cameras are there every step of the way, and that’s what people love so much about reality television. Like every other public figure in the world, there are people who think Tara Wallace is amazing and there are those who cannot figure out why the world cares so much about this woman. But that doesn’t mean we know all there is to know about Wallace. In fact, we have 5 things here you probably did not know about the reality television star.

She’s Worth How Much?

Tara Wallace has a net worth of only $100 thousand. She is not wealthy and she is not someone who has as much money as people might imagine since she is on a reality television show. These are not people who are always paid well.

She’s Educated

Wallace has a college degree. In fact she has one in Dramatic Art from Jackson State University and she also has her MFA, which is obtained from New York’s Actor’s Studio Drama School. She’s an aspiring actress, and her dream is to do something wonderful.

She Dated her Hip Hop Boyfriend How Long?

She’s been dating rapper Peter Gunz for more than 13 years. The couple has been one that some see as a really serious couple and others don’t see as a serious couple. Despite their longevity, they are not married or engaged but they do have two kids together. The rapper said recently in an interview that they are really more like friends with benefits.

Her Now Ex-Boyfriend is Married

It was revealed on her reality show that Peter Gunz actually married a woman he signed on his label. Wallace found out about it on camera and their relationship is over. Or so we thought. We aren’t entirely sure whether or not this is true, but it is true that he did marry his new charge.

She Manages a Restaurant

Since she’s not working too much in the acting industry, Tara Wallace has to work somewhere. So she’s managed to go ahead and get a job as a manager at a restaurant in the Meatpacking District in New York City.

Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for Vh1

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