La La Anthony: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

La La Anthony is an accomplished American television and radio personality. She was born in Brooklyn, NY to parents who are both of Puerto Rican descent. She developed a love for music at a very young age and attended Howard University to get her degree in communications. Anthony is also known as a producer, business woman and a New York’s Time, number one best selling author. She really made a name for herself while hosting MTV’s Total Request Live, as an MTV VJ, and since then, her career has been booming with television roles and more. She is married to a big named NBA player, Carmelo Anthony, and they even had their wedding filmed by VHI, in a realty TV series, La La’s Full-court wedding. If you think you know who La La Anthony, keep reading to find out 10 things you don’t know about this beautiful, and very talented, Afro-Puerto Rican woman.

1. Started her career in her teens

La La was 15 years old when she got her first break and taste of fame. She landed a position on the radio station, Hot 97 and while still in high school, she was given her own show, a highly rated and very popular show called Future Flavas, which she did right alongside the infamous rapper, Ludacris. At the age of 19, La La was invited to do her own show on Los Angele’s 92.3 The Beat, and from there, her career blossomed and she went on to hold many spots as a radio talk show host, as well as movie and television roles.

2. Is an advocate for the Psorisis Foundation/Picture Positivity

La La has suffered from an auto-immune disorder for about ten years that causes red, patchy, dry skin called Psoriasis. It appeared on her scalp and behind her ears. She didn’t know what it was at first, but once diagnosed, she had to learn tricks to deal with it, especially in her line of work. It has prompted her to become an advocate for others with the condition and professes that you can go on to do amazing things despite the diagnosis.

3. Has one son

La La and her husband have one son together, Kiyan Carmelo Anthony. She was engaged to Carmelo on Christmas Day in 2004 and gave birth to her son Kiyan on March 7, 2007. Anthony and her husband were married in 2010. Anthony is one busy mom with everything she has going on, and still finds the time to support and be with her husband when he needs her at games and engagements.

4. Likes spontaneous sex

La La is pretty candid about her sex life and has admitted to loving sex. During an interview, she admitted that she is a spontaneous love-maker. She openly admits that she doesn’t agree with planned love making sessions. According to Anthony, this takes the fun out of it and it simply isn’t sexy. Spontaneous love making makes you go, “Whoa,” she says, and she’s all about that.

5.  La La is admittedly very self-secure

You have to be secure in yourself if you are going to be married to a big super star athlete. Girls are constantly throwing themselves at her husband and says it’s just part of the deal. Although she will put too aggressive women in their place, she says it isn’t too bad and she doesn’t worry about Carmelo stepping out on the marriage. Rather than worrying about that, she puts all her energy into working on the marriage to make it strong.

6. She aspired to be like a famous Hollywood couple

La La admitted to having a couple that she looked up to in Hollywood and aspired for her and her husband to be like. La La says Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have a great relationship; respectful, supportive, and they partner on things in life and career projects, yet have their own lives as well. They have so much that La La admires in a relationship. Unfortunately La La’s marriage didn’t last long enough to reach the Will and Jada relationship status.

7. Had a say where her husband played

La La Anthony was not one to let her husband make all the plays. Moving from team-to-team is part of being a big, pro sports player, and many players get to decide whether or not they’re going to accept a new deal. But when it came to Carmelo, La La had always been one to weigh in on where Carmelo would play. When offered new contracts, La La said that was a decision both of them would make together, whether Carmelo would move on to another team or not.

8. Best friends with Kim Kardashian

Kim and La La are best friends and get together for lunch often among other outings. Kim Kardashian uses her social media outlets to talk about their outings, and social gatherings and events. La La was one of the first one to see Kim’s baby, North, when she was born.

9. Started her own clothing line

One of La La’s biggest ventures was to start her own clothing line, “5th and Mercer.” Her sleek jumpsuits have hit the runways and seen worn by several supermodels, as well as they have also been spotted on the red carpet. La La said she had plans of creating a large collection that she hoped to get into major retail stores.

10. Infidelity in the marriage caused her to call it quits

After all the interviews La La has given about her happy marriage and how trusting she was of her husband despite him being a big sports player, that trust was broken and he was caught cheating with one of his groupies. As if that isn’t bad enough, it has been rumored that he may have gotten the girl pregnant, however, it’s unclear whether or not that rumor is true. Regardless, it all was apparently more than La La could deal with and apparently she has called the marriage quits after 7 years. Carmelo was caught tweeting that “She,” referring to his wife, was married, but he wasn’t.


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