If Lady Gaga Were the President of the United States of America

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Few things are as big in the media right now as the frequent announcements that someone is seeking nomination as the next President of the United States of America. Of course, with the election only a bit more than a year off, it makes sense that people are throwing their names in the hat now, especially those seeking the bid for Republican and Democratic nomination – and this upcoming election ought to prove quite interesting with the number of big names that have already announced their intention to run. Of course, we all have someone we’d like to see as President (can I nominate Ellen DeGeneres? The world needs a little more dancing), but just because we want to see them in the office does not mean that we will see them in office (we wish). For instance, there are some people who think that Lady Gaga would make a great leader of the free world. And though she’s far too young to run, she has some ideas of her own that she thinks will fix this country and put things back in order. With the current state of the states (haha) it might not hurt to hear what she has to say, so long as it doesn’t mean mandatory meat dresses for all. So, what would the world look like if Lady Gaga had a chance to call the White House home?

It Wouldn’t – She Doesn’t Actually want to be President

She said so herself; she does not want to be the president. She doesn’t feel that she can get anything accomplished as president because she’d have to censor her beliefs and make it all about how she’s going to be politically correct. She feels she can make more of a difference where she is now, in the public eye but without the constraints of the White House to deal with. It’s an interesting concept, but we cannot say we disagree with her.

She’d Focus on Alternative Energy Use

Pressed to find out what she would do if she were the president, Lady Gaga once said she would focus on finding more alternative uses for energy. It is her belief that this is something we should focus on more than other issues that don’t seem as important. We can agree that finding other uses for energy is a good idea, but is it the most important thing in the world right now? That is something that is a matter of personal opinion, but we’re not sure that everyone would agree with that.

She’d Support Marriage Equality

It seems that her wishes for marriage equality are already granted after last week’s historical vote. The world is rejoicing right now that marriage equality is now something supported by the government, and it’s a pretty awesome thing. So, Lady Gaga, you can find something else to focus on in case your political aspirations change at some point in the next decade or so when you’re old enough to run for office.

She’d Figure out the Debt Crisis

What we really like about her statement is that it’s a lot more realistic than most politicians. Listening to the men and women who want to run for office now, you’d think that it’s a simple matter of making a few deposits and cutting a few budgets and voila; the debt crisis is over. They all have their ideas and their opinions, but will they actually work? Lady Gaga kept it real when she answered this question. She’d like to spend time working on the debt crisis to alleviate the massive debt our country is in, but she said that it would take a long time and a creative effort and that she’s not even sure it can be done.

She’s Make like Miss America

We laugh. “World peace,” is something that seems like a statement made by women with big hair, too much aquanet (we’d be more impressed with a candidate with hair not sprayed into oblivion as it would prove to us she cares about the environment) and really red lips wearing bikinis and 6-inch Louboutins running for Miss America. You know something? We laugh, but it’s actually a nice thought. Lady Gaga is all about the world peace, so we think she’d actually try to make this happen. And if anyone could make world peace a thing of reality, it’s a woman.

Other World Leaders would be Intimidated

As a woman, I will tell you straight up that women are scary and a little intimidating and absolutely unpredictable. We are a little crazy. You never know what will set us off, and pushed too far we make the decision to do what we want because we no longer care for even a second what others think. Also, as we get older, we tend to make it a point to do what we see fit considering we no longer care much about the opinions of others. So the world might want to watch out if Lady Gaga were president. I don’t know that I’d want to get on her bad side. And other world leaders might want to take the same considerations when they’re considering how they will go about doing business with her.

Changes would be Made

There’s something to be said about having someone so completely different and completely off the wall in office. We’ve never had anyone like Lady Gaga in office – probably for a reason, but we are ignoring that right now – and that means that we might be able to get some serious changes made. Instead of making the same empty promises as everyone else, we’d hope she could do something different. Even if she couldn’t make the changes herself, she could likely pave the way for future leaders to do just that. Sometimes the difference is having the idea to make a change, passing it on to someone else and proving that things can be done even if they’ve never been done in the past.

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