10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nev Schulman

Nev Schulman

Nev Schulman is not someone who is typically in front of the camera, but he is someone who is almost always behind it. He isn’t a famous face so much as he is a famous name, and he’s famous on Twitter for always being perfectly comfortable saying what he needs to say so that people understand where he is coming from. He makes it clear he doesn’t have a problem with the way that anyone views him or his personal life, and he’s not afraid to tell it like it is. He is famous for being the man behind the documentary Catfish as well as the television series by the same name on MTV.

However, as often as he is in the news for his Twitter debates, rants and monologues, we still don’t know much about him. Since we are so naturally nosy curious, we thought we might dig around a bit and see what we can learn about him and his life that we did not already know.

He studied dance

When he was younger, he made it his goal to study dance. He was not afraid of the fact that he was a male in a world that is so dominated by women. He wasn’t ashamed of his life and of his choices, and he studied for many years. In fact, he studied dance for 5 years of his life during his teenage years.

He loves photography

When he turned 19, he and his brother decided that they would turn to the world of photography and start their own studio. Nev Schulman was so into dance at that point in his life that he actually began to photograph dancers and their work. It was something that he really enjoyed doing, and it was something at which he excelled.

He’s not a fan of violence

Perhaps what we love most about Nev Schulman is that he’s not a fan of violence. He is so opposed to it, in fact, that he helped to found the Young Leadership Committee Leave Out Violence. He wants bullying to stop. He wants violence to stop. He wants the world to be a peaceful place, and he is well aware that this is something that starts with our youth, who will one day become our leaders who will teach and set examples and role model for kids.

He’s having a baby

Well, he is not personally having a baby. Maybe someday the world will find out that men can give birth and women can relieve a little bit of that pain and stress and stuff to allow men to try it themselves, but we doubt it. On second thought, men can’t handle that kind of pain (have you ever seen one with a headache?) so that won’t happen. However, his girlfriend is having a baby. It will be a girl.

He’s engaged

I’m going to keep my personal opinion light and airy here and say that I think people can do whatever they want to do so long as they are hurting no one else, but I really do feel just a bit sad when someone gets engaged and then announces that they’re also pregnant. It probably stems from the fact that I imagine I’d feel that people shouldn’t get married just because they’re having a baby. If I’d ended up pregnant before we were married, I would not have wanted him to propose to me just because of that. However, he is now engaged to be married and we wish the happy couple the best of luck.

He’s not immune to hacking

This week, the producer’s Twitter page was hacked and he announced that his hit show was cancelled. Fans were horrified and upset, but he quickly realized what had happened and was able to make sure that it did not get any further before he was able to put those rumors to rest.

His name is not Nev

No, it is Nev, but we do know that you are probably pronouncing it incorrectly. It’s actually Neeeeeev. Say that and really try to see how that rolls of the tongue. He probably grew up his entire life with his name pronounced incorrectly, but we are setting the record straight.

He believes in humanity

Nev Schulman is not a man who believes that people are gay or straight or that they are transgender or bisexual. He believes they are humans. That is all. He has no problem with people just being people and not needing to be labeled anything else. It’s kind of refreshing to hear that for once. His Instagram page is filled with love and with messages of equality.

He’s got goals

Something that we really love about Nev Schulman is that he has goals. He has real goals. He is a man who has a list of goals he once posted to social media that reads everything he wants to accomplish in the next future. What we like about his goals more than anything is that they are actually doable and relatable and not over-the-top. He wants to raise more money for charity. He wants to be kinder and more patient. He also wants to run his second marathon, which is my favorite one. He is a man with a mission. Putting it on paper makes it that much more doable and that much more necessary for him to actually do it.

He loves animals

All the best people love animals, if we are really being quite honest. He has an Instagram page that is filled with pictures of baby squirrels in his hand, a cat, and other animals that probably don’t even belong to him, but they are super cute. Or perhaps he just loves photography and he wants to take photos of things like that for fun. We really like to think, though, that it has everything to do with the fact that he just likes to have fun with animals. They are sweet, after all.

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