Lady Gaga’s New Album Expected to Perform Worse than Born This Way

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I had a dream I was talking to Lady Gaga once, and she broke open and a bunch of butterflies flew out. Thing is, I woke up and immediately thought: That could happen. I mean, if that could happen to anyone, it would be Gaga. But we have some bad news for all you “little monsters” out there (as Gaga calls her fans). Seems her new album is not predicted to do nearly as well as Born This Way did. Who knows, though? Lightning has struck twice in the same spot before, so we can’t write her completely off here.

Starpulse actually has the shocking stats, but it seems ARTPOP has sold 75% less than Born This Way did when it first came out. So what has happened? Is this Lady Gaga backlash? Is the world sick of her wrapping herself in meat for attention? Wait, people! Let’s not forget that when Born This Way dropped, Amazon had a special deal where the record was ninety-nine cents. Pretty sure a sale like that really helps move copies, so we need to factor things like that in to the sales drop.

The other problem is her label put in a whopping twenty five million dollars for press for the album, so with numbers like that, it is hard not to post some losses. Reality is, we can’t fully understand if this will be a loss for Gaga for months, as new albums flounder on the charts when they first come out and slowly catch fire. In a month’s time we should be able to confirm if Gaga is, indeed, dropping off.

For now, and judging from her SNL gig this weekend, Lady Gaga seems to be doing just fine.

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