Lesley Murphy: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Lesley Ann Murphy is best known for her place on season 17 of The Bachelor where she competed with other girls for the attention, and relationship with Sean Lowe. Well, she didn’t win Sean Lowe’s undying love, but she is winning in a much bigger battle these days. Leslie is a 24 year old who hails from Fort Smith, Arkansas where she worked as a graphic designer. She stands out among some of the other women who played the game for the man-prize at the end, due to her long, beautiful blonde locks and bright smile. She also stands out because of one scene captured on the show; Murphy and Lowe set the record back in 2013 on season 17, for the longest kiss in the history of The Bachelor. Whether you have known Lesley Murphy from The Bachelor or have heard about her in other news, here’s more information about the blonde bombshell. These are 10 things you didn’t know about Lesley Murphy.

1. Popular blogger

Lesley Murphy has gone from realty TV star to pro blogger. She is a traveler and loves to share her experiences. She is based out of Buenos Aires and her blog is called, The Road Les Travelled, gives you all the scoop you need to know about travelling, from travel tips, destination ideas and info, what to pack, the best local food and restaurants to visit while there, and much more. She even keep you up-to-date on her personal life.

2. She loved The Bachelor

Lesley said, during an interview, that no one coerced her to try out for the hit reality TV show, The Bachelor, that she applied on her own. She says that the reason she did was because she has always like the show and wanted to see if she could get on, which she did, season seven, with Sean Lowe as the bachelor. She was eliminated just before the hometown dates episode, despite not being chosen, Lesley says that she has no regrets getting on the show; it was a great experience. She would also consider being the bachelorette, if ever asked.

3. Worked in Washington

Young Lesley Murphy had been working in Washington as a political Consultant when she was accepted to go on the show. She took time off work to be on the show and says her boss was very understanding about the situation, gave her the time and said they wanted her to have a good experience.

4. Set Guinness World Record

While on The Bachelor back in 2013, Lesley Murphy and Sean Lowe made history. They set the Guinness World record for the longest, on-screen kiss. This is something to be proud of, breaking any kind of record and making it into the Guinness World Record books, not to mention it was a fun record to win.

5. Got her college degree

Lesley Murphy doesn’t just have the looks, but she’s got the brains to go with it. She is a very bright girl with ambition and college education. She majored in broadcast news and psychology at the University of Georgia before she landed her job as political consultant in Washington.

6. Has accumulated quite a following

Everyone who’s anyone today, has an Instagram account where they keep up with their fans by posting all kinds of information and pics about themselves. While some people have thousands of followers, other well-known, and celebs will sometimes get up into the hundreds of thousands of followers. For just making her TV debut on The Bachelor, Lesley Murphy isn’t doing too bad with her groupies. She has a reported 210,000 followers on her Instagram from her time on the show and her new luxury travel blog.

7. Mother battled breast cancer

Lesley Murphy knows what it’s like to watch someone battle cancer. Her mother battled breast cancer three years ago and is a breast cancer survivor. She talks about her mother being a bad ass and hopes to be just like her with her will and determination to overcome something so tragic.

8. Had a planned double mastectomy

Due to her mother’s battle with breast cancer, Lesley learned that she also has the gene to develop breast and ovarian cancer. After discussing the alternatives with her doctor, Lesley opted to have a planned double mastectomy to help prevent the risks of developing the disease. She blogged about her experience and kept fans up-to-date with her pre and post surgery days, and even shared a photo with her fans of what her breasts looked like once the breast tissue was removed. She is an activist against this wide-spreading disease.

9. Mom is her best friend, biggest supporter and caretaker

Lesley talks so highly about her mother and the care and love she’s shown her during her time of need and going through her mastectomy. “She’s the freakin’ best!” She was quoted saying. Her mother was by her side at the hospital, even spending the night with her. At home, she checks her drainage tubes multiple times a day, and even slept in her bed with her the first few nights at home to help her in and out of bed, along with getting her pain meds at all horrid hours of the night. What a great mom!

10. Has been traveling four years now

Lesley looks back on her life and sees the changes and can’t believe it herself she says. While in Washington for two years, working as a political consultant, she says that her life was about the red, white and blue. But she has always wanted to travel ever since she can remember, as a kid. Her changing moment was while on The Bachelor and frolicking on the shores of St. Croix, she realized that that was what she really wanted to do. After The Bachelor in 2013, packed up and moved to Argentina to become a marketing manager for a luxury hospitality company. She got her blog up and running and began travelling and spending most of her time in the air and in other countries, blogging about her experiences, and loving every minute of it.





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