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Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is an Australian actress with an estimated net worth of $8 million. She was born on July 2, 1990 in Dalby, Queensland, Australia. Her mother is Sarie Kessler, who is a physiotherapist. Her father once owned a farm. She is one of four kids, the third in line behind her older brother and older sister. Her mother was a single mother and none of the kids had much contact with their father growing up. It is unknown whether or not this was their choice or if he was simply an absentee father who was not in the picture of his own choosing. Her family was in the farming business, and they did not have much money growing up even though her mother’s later career was a more profitable one. By the time she was 16, Margot Robbie had three jobs at a time to help support her family of five. She wanted to practice drama at school and always made time for that in her schedule.

When shew as 17, she moved to Melbourne to pursue her acting career in a professional capacity. She was in a few smaller films that did not do too well and did not gain her much exposure. She was a guest star in some Australian primetime television shows, and she also worked in the commercial field when she was offered jobs with different companies. When she was promoted to a regular character on a show called Neighbours in 2008 after her guest role was so famous, she began to make a name for herself. However, it was not the role that would really make her famous. She spent three years on the show in Australia becoming famous there, but it wasn’t until she moved to Hollywood to pursue her acting career that she would become really famous.

Margot Robbie moved to Hollywood in 2011 and joined a few movie roles and casts that were all right. However, she worked very hard to secure a role in a movie that ended up being a killer in the box office called “Wolf of Wall Street,” where she portrayed the very spoiled, very bad wife of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character. She was praised for the role, and people began to take notice. That is when she was cast alongside Will Smith in a film called “Focus,” and several other movies. However, it is the upcoming “Suicide Squad,” in which she will work with Will Smith yet again that has really put her name on the map.

Personally, Margot Robbie likes to keep her private life as private as possible. She resided in New York City for several years before making the move to London in 2014 with two of her friends and her boyfriend. He is a British director – assistant director – by the name of Tom Ackerley. She has not made any mention of engagements or marriage in the past two years of their relationship, but she’s private enough that we might not know if she did make that decision.

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