Matthew McConaughey Films Scenes for New Movie at Massachusetts University


Matthew McConaughey has come a long way since the days of playing romantic love interest lead roles in romantic chick flicks.  He’s become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors with plenty of appeal in terms of serious roles. His latest movie is about an American man who has suicidal tendencies who befriends a Japanese man in the forest. “Sea of Trees,” is the name of the movie, and Naomi Watts is McConaughey’s costar.

The movie is set to be one that critics are looking forward to, and it’s currently being filmed on the campus of Clark University in Massachusetts. Over the weekend, McConaughey made quite the impression when he was spotted all over the campus filming scenes for his new movie.

“A lot of students were interested in seeing him. The school emailed the student body telling them shooting would be today only. Classes still went on in the building, but the rooms they were shooting in were closed off,” said Mitchell Gamache, a student at the university, on Friday. The actor and his family have been in the Worcester area all summer, where he’s been working on this film.

While on campus, the famed actor shot scenes in the Science Center. Earlier the week of shooting, he was seen mowing the lawn of a house in Worcester, where it is believed he was in the midst of shooting scenes for the much-anticipated movie. People on the set and on the campus where McConaughey was filming state that he was exactly how you might imagine he’d be, very laid-back and casual, friendly and very open. For the most part, students were very respectful of the actor and the film crew, which always makes shooting easy. However, they were definitely star-struck and it’s safe to say most students will want to catch this film when it hits theaters to see if they spot someone or something they know in the movie.

(Photo Source: Getty Images)

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