What Name is Kim Zolciak Using on Twitter?

Kim Zolciak

She is a woman who was once a Real Housewife of Atlanta, she then married a football player (younger, at that) and she’s got a lot of kids. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with Kim Zolciak Biermann and all her kids. We think she has five or six at this point; kidding – we know she has 6 kids, including twins (I, too, have twins so I get what she went through with that pregnancy). She was part of the housewives for many years, but she left back in 2012 and was given her own spinoff as she planned her wedding to her football player husband, Kroy Biermann. She’s been one of the most controversial stars on the series, but people seem to either love her or hate here. There’s no real in between when it comes to Zolciak. She’s someone who loves social media, she has a big life and she’s not afraid to document everything she does. In fact, NeNe Leakes, other housewife, has said she misses having this blonde on the show. So what else don’t we know about Zolciak?

She Goes by her Husband’s Name

When she wed Kroy Biermann in 2011, she took his name. But most people don’t care, or don’t know, because they still use her former name, the one she had when she became a famous reality star. It’s find though, but she does go by Kim Biermann instead of Kim Zolciak on her twitter page.

She’s Got Two Daughters from Someone Else

She may have 6 kids, but two of them are not technically her husband’s. Since they’ve been together (beginning in 2010) the couple has welcomed four kids. Two are twins, so only three pregnancies. But her other two kids are from before she met her husband.

Another Housewife Sued Her

We all know Kandi Burruss is a former signer and she’s a songwriter, and she said that Zolciak stole “Tardy for the Party,” the song she released and that she wrote it. She sued the star, but we can’t imagine why, it’s not exactly the kind of song for which anyone wants to actually take credit.

Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images for Ciroc Vodka