10 Things Adrienne Bailon Doesn’t Want You To Know

Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon is a singer, talk show host and a former frequent guest star on the hit reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians. Most people remember her from her two girl bands, 3LW and the Cheetah Girls, her Disney role with other famous faces such as Raven Symone. Born in 1983 and raised in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, she was discovered in church singing in the choir by none other than Ricky Martin and offered a chance to sing with him in his show the following night. From there, her career sort of took off overnight. When offered the chance to have a place in an all-girl band being put together, she was quick to accept and that acceptance has made her famous. However, her personal life is a bit of a mess, and there are plenty of things that she does not want the world to know. Read on to find out what about her life Adrienne Bailon does not want the rest of us to know.

She Hates her Voice

She has not released her solo album yet because she hates her voice. She claims that executives at Disney told her she sounds very young and now she cannot even listen to herself sing. It’s made her self-conscious and unable to do what she needs to do to make her singing career a reality.

She’s too Scared to Release a Solo Album

Something else that she isn’t proud of is the fact that she’s afraid of failure. Adrienne Bailon, who has been in the spotlight half her life now, is afraid that she will fail. So, she is not releasing her solo album. She’s more than likely going to stick with her talk show and go from there in hopes that her career remains relevant as long as possible.

She Regrets her Appearances on the Kardashians

There was a time when Bailon appeared regularly on the Kardashian reality series, and it’s something she really does regret. She feels that appearing on the show is something that did nothing for her career except for make it difficult for people to take her seriously and view her career the way that she wants it to be viewed.

She Slams the Kardashians

It’s not always wise to go up against the family that might be the most powerful in all of Hollywood, but she’s done so on several occasions. She has said on numerous occasions that her relationship with Robert Kardashian did not work out because he cheated on her, and everyone wanted her to forgive him. She is not the kind of woman who wants to forgive someone who treats her like that, so she refused and the two have not been together in many years.

She’s been Accused of Ruining Rob Kardashian’s Life

It’s pretty common knowledge that the only Kardashian male in the family has not seen great success in his adulthood. He’s not a supermodel, or the most beautiful woman in the world, or married to a rock star or having kids or furthering his career. We don’t know what he’s doing, but people love to tell Adrienne Bailon that it’s her fault he’s suffering and not in a good place. She hates hearing that since she did leave him for cheating.

She and Chris Brown Don’t Get Along

When she spoke of Chris Brown and his girlfriend on her talk show, things did not go well for her. She said that she thought that his girlfriend should leave him and that her friends aren’t real because they’re not telling her the same thing so that they can reap the benefits of being in his crew. He then slammed her on social media calling her several damaging names and telling the world some of her secrets.

She Avoids the Kardashians

There is a rumor swirling that she and the Kardashians will not appear on one another’s shows, will not attend the same events and will not go to the same places as one another. Their feud is deep, especially since the Kardashian sisters made it a point to stick up for their brother when she bashed him when he was already down.

She’s Revengeful

She once told her co-hosts on television that she did not believe in airing her dirty laundry for the rest of the world to see, but then she did just that by slamming Robert Kardashian and making the world understand what happened between them. She said she did it because he did it first, but the correct move would have been to take the high road and not stoop to a lower level by discussing her personal life and relationship with another famous face. What’s done is done, but that has damaged her reputation.

She’s only Relevant because of the Kardashians

She once said that being near them and associated with them has made her life more difficult and damaged her career, and then Kim Kardashian West said it best, tweeting about how she claims that their name hurt her career when the only reason that she even has articles written about her is because she chooses to discuss the Kardashians when she’s speaking to reporters. It might be true, but she did have a career before she dated him. Sure, she’s not as famous as this family and it always helps get a little attention and a little press when you’re dishing personal information about one of the most famous families in the country, so there is that.

She Came Back from her Mistake

After dissing her ex in the press, Adrienne Bailon came back and tried to make things right. She simply said that she did not believe that being on a certain family’s reality show was a good idea for her career, and she wished she would have kept her relationship with Rob private, choosing not to appear on camera. It looks like she’s not afraid to stand up for herself when she’s being attacked, even if she is the one that kind of started it.

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