Is Rihanna Going to Guest Star on Scandal?


Rihanna made headlines last week when she headed to the White House for a visit and ended up posting multiple photos online of herself actually living out a real live “Scandal” moment. Apparently, she’s a big fan of Olivia Pope and the show, and she wasn’t afraid to show that off as she made a visit to Washington D.C. Fans everywhere loved her photos and her show references. However, there’s a question now circulating the internet as to whether or not the singer could actually appear on the hit television series.

“I love Scandal! Are you kidding? We’ll see….I would love that. I just love Scandal, period,” said the singer when she was recently asked if she would accept an offer to guest star on the series. Of course, no one would dare say no to such an amazing opportunity to work on one of the most famous shows of the moment. When asked if she’d like to play the nemesis of Olivia Pope, Rihanna responded enthusiastically, and it looks like she’d be up for a visit to the set to play a woman on a mission to take down the main character.

While there’s no word from Shonda Rimes, creator of the show, or anyone else from the Scandal set about a Rihanna guest-appearance, fans can hope. Or start an online campaign to see the singer on the set. We don’t know if it would happen, but now that the information is out there for directors and producers to pick up, who knows. We might just see our favorite pop singer on the set filming a few scenes in the very near future. And we’ll be sure to bring you news of that happening as soon as the Scandal people realize what a great idea it would be to have RiRi on the show.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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